4 Personalized and Unique Ornaments that Keep Me Focused on the Moment

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4 Personalized and Unique Ornaments that Keep Me Focused on the Moment:

“Ma’am? Ma’am? Are you okay?” I hear someone call to me from the parking lot of a nearby store. “Yup!”, I responded. Clearly over the fact that I can no longer easily get the key out of the car’s ignition or without setting off the alarm. “Lovely”, I sarcastically think to myself while imagining having to explain what is happening to everyone who sees me pull up somewhere with the car horn blaring.  

The evening before, I stopped at my favorite Amish market. I ended up with an overflowing cart of groceries suitable for my 22 year old son. As I was pushing the cart through the crowded front area of the parking lot, a case of carbonated drinks toppled from the toddler seat. The cans hit the ground with force and the next thing I knew they were popping open and spraying streams of sugary liquid. I cleaned up the damaged cans and pushed the cart before realizing until too late that another case had fallen off the bottom rack. I pushed forcefully over it. Yup, more damaged, spraying cans. Sometimes life is like this.

Mechanic Personalized Ornament

Why This Happens:

Some days I am tired. I over-plan, over-commit,  and forget that it is okay, and even encouraged, to say “no” and mean it sometimes. These are usually the days when life tries to send me signs to slow down. Way down. I am human, and often think those signs are not really meant for me. Surely, I can handle it all. There are days I really can. And, like today, days when I really can’t. I fall asleep feeling somewhat defeated, but aware.

video controller guy

Unique Ornaments: How They Change Things:

Returning to the warehouse full of unique ornaments in the dark morning hours is not a usual occurrence for me, but it is always peaceful. I probably shouldn’t admit to the world that I might enjoy an occasional conversation with the video game boy personalized ornaments while reminiscing about years ago when I encouraged screen time limits with my resisting teenager. Today, I sent some good energy to the personalized mechanic guy ornaments, as I pictured myself dropping off my beeping car later in the day for service. And, I remembered what would have been the 103rd birthday of my Army veteran dearly beloved grandfather today when I put away some figurine ornaments painted in camouflage

U.S. Army Personalized Christmas Ornament

Life. It happens. All around us. Now, I have the great fortune of being surrounded by unique ornaments that symbolize so many aspects of my past, present, and future life. Many of these keepsakes help to tell my story and remind me of the ups and downs of normal, daily living. Truly, they are no longer just material objects, but timeless trinkets that tug softly at my heartstrings.

Then, as the sun comes up and daylight finds its way into the quiet space of the warehouse, I hear the friendly, accented voice of one of the two owners offering me a cup of Irish morning tea.  Certainly, it is a treat for me that has no monetary value. A surprising, appreciated and nearly daily comfort provided in a selfless way from one human to another. I am reminded that it isn’t about the relentless, beeping horn or the spraying, carbonated drinks. It’s about the little things. For those, without exception, I am grateful.

Coffee and Donuts Personalized Christmas Ornament

To Finish the Story:

Finally, dear reader, please tell me. Which little things are big things to you? Do you enjoy tea? Do you have a favorite mechanic? How do you know when it’s time to slow down the pace of life? Grab a cup of tea and share your thoughts below in the “Sitting and Sharing with Sunny Girl” comment section below::


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