7 Christmas Cookies That Will Bring You Back to Your Childhood

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This article “7 Christmas Cookies That Will Bring You Back to Your Childhood” was updated on 11/22/22

Just like petrichor always brings playful childhood memories of playing in the rain, certain cookies can conjure exciting moments in your mind. Just by sighting a cookie, you can travel back to your youth and reminisce about the taste of it from your mother’s oven and melting in your mouth. It’s a wonderful feeling to get from a cookie. However, for a cookie to hold so many memories, it must share a bond with a special occasion. This bond is what makes the pastry genuinely memorable. So, let’s explore famous Christmas cookies that can guide us on a walk through memory lane!


Nostalgic Christmas Cookies

One of the many Christmas traditions we share is being in the kitchen with the family, preparing all the festive edibles. In every family worldwide, baking large batches of cookies is always fun. No matter how often we make them, cookies make us feel nostalgic for the days of our youth. The more memories we make baking cookies, the more we want to make. Thus, the cookie tradition never ends.

As we all spend our holidays close to home this year, let’s break out the recipe box and roll up our sleeves to recreate some of our favorite cookie recipes from Christmases past. Reviving this tradition will certainly make the holidays so much more fun. You can invite family and friends for a Christmas get-together and chit-chat over cookies and drinks.

Spritz Cookies

A simple but delicious treat, spritz cookies originated in Scandinavian countries as a simple butter cookie that has become a household staple. Spritz comes from the German word “spritzen,” which means “to squirt.” This name makes sense considering that one forms spritz cookies by pushing the dough through a cookie press fitted with design discs.

Spritz cookies are a diverse treat as the dough can be dyed in different colors, pressed into unique shapes, and then decorated with anything you can find in your pantry, from sprinkles to nuts. They are also small enough to indulge in an entire handful without feeling too guilty.

Even if the spritz cookie wasn’t a part of your childhood, you could still try making it. If you love shortbread cookies, you’ll love this because they taste similar. The only notable difference in the recipes is the eggs in spritz cookies.

So, incorporate this yummy treat of goodness into your Christmas platter and let its savor take you back in time. Additionally, you can buy a spritz Christmas cookie ornament like the one above and hang it in your kitchen to enhance the mood.

ristmas Tree Cookie Christmas Cookies Ornamament

Here’s a spritz Christmas tree cookie ornament. It’ll be perfect for your home.

Gingerbread Men

There are songs about gingerbread men, movies that parody them, and a dozen ways to create and decorate them. Gingerbread men have become a staple of the Christmas holiday for many, but their history is unique.

Gingerbread men were said to originate from Queen Elizabeth in the 16th century, who had an official gingerbread maker. This baker would create gingerbread likenesses of visiting guests and dignitaries to court as a special token from the queen herself.

Gingerbread men were also used by folk medicine practitioners as “love tokens” to help young women find men to fall in love with. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for gingerbread men today, but you can find gingerbread in other forms, such as gingerbread houses with frosting and candies for decor.

Noted by their yummy cinnamon smell and snap-like crunch, Gingerbread men are traditionally decorated with piped frosting. However, you can also decorate them with candies to bring more color and personality.

So, why not bake an army of gingerbread men this Christmas? Even if you’ve never had them, you must’ve watched movies that featured them. And I’m sure memories of such movies will be pleasant to relive.

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Sugar Cookies

If you want a simple yet delicious cookie you can make with your children, look no further than the humble sugar cookie. Sugar cookies originated in the 18th century from German Protestant settlers in Pennsylvania. Known then as “Nazareth Cookies,” they eventually gained notoriety as Pennsylvania’s official cookie!

Sugar cookies are made with only seven ingredients that many of us have in our pantries at the ready. Once you form the dough, you can roll it out and cut it into any shape you can think of. The best part of a sugar cookie, however, is the decorating!

You can use royal icing, frosting, candies, sprinkles, or even melted chocolate to create beautiful and delicious treats for your guests. You can bake them alone or with your family. Making sugar Christmas cookies gives you something fun to do for the season.

Gingerbread Christmas Stocking Personalized Christmas Ornament

Above is a picture of a yummy sugar cookie dough.

Pecan Sandies

Pecan Sandies are said to have originated in Arab cuisine. These Pecan Sandies are named for their “sand-like” color and, of course, pecans. Pecan Sandies are sweet, chewy shortbread cookies that can accompany any Christmas drink, such as milk, coffee, or tea.

Pecan Sandies have become such a famous cookie that there is even an annual holiday in their honor. June 23rd is National Pecan Sandies Day, and many bakeries across the country will bake special batches of their recipe for their customers to enjoy.

These cookies are famous partially because they do well with distant travels, making them a perfect treat to bring when visiting family for Christmas. But, even if you aren’t traveling, you can bake some pecan sandies for Christmas and nibble them with loved ones.

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Jam Thumbprints

Look no further than the jam thumbprint if you want a simple and sweet treat to bake up for your holiday parties. These pastry cookies originated in Sweden and are known as “hallongrotta” or “raspberry cave.” They are named for the way they are prepared – rolling dough into a ball and then pressing your thumb into the center to create a well

These shortbread-like cookies are made with five ingredients and can be filled with jam once cooked. The traditional jam flavor is raspberry, but you can use any flavor of jam, depending on your preference. You can also fill them with chocolate if you prefer a more decadent flavor.

If you’re alone when baking and you need some motivation, you can purchase this baker ornament above. Then, place it somewhere nice where you can look at it, smile, and bake!

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Here’s a baker ornament to inspire you as you bake.

Chocolate Crinkles

If you are a chocolate fan, then Chocolate Crinkle cookies should be on your list of things to bake this Christmas season. Chocolate Crinkles were invented by Helen Fredell in St. Paul, Minnesota, in the early 20th century. Betty Crocker begged Helen for the recipe, which is now in her cookbook.

What sets these crinkle cookies apart from other recipes is putting the dough into the oven cold as opposed to room temperature like most cookie recipes. Putting the cold dough in the oven causes the cookies to “crack” on the top, giving them a fun and unique appearance once baked.

Chocolate crinkle cookies taste similar to brownies and are adorned with powdered sugar before serving on your plate. Above is another ornament you can hang when making chocolate crinkles amidst other Christmas cookies.

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Fruitcake Cookies

Fruitcakes have gotten a bad rap over the years as gift that no one wants but always seems to get during the holidays. But did you know that fruitcake has a prominent part in history? Fruit cake dates back almost 2000 years. People used them as wedding cakes in England in the 19th century.

Why was fruitcake so popular? Fruitcake is made by soaking fruit and nuts in sugar and then drying them, thus allowing the cake to last for a long time. When refrigeration was not an option, fruit cakes were a practical way to keep sweets in your home or for long journeys.

Because fruitcake is so heavy and rich, many people leave them around their homes or re-gift them to other family members. But why not try to rejuvenate this recipe and make fruit cake cookies instead?

Fruit cake cookies come out light and chewy compared to their heavy fruitcake sibling. You can fill them with nuts and dried fruits or add a dash of rum to give your guests a special Christmas treat!

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Create Some Cookie Magic

Whether you get in the kitchen and bake up a batch of these nostalgic cookies or try something new, spending time with family and friends baking is a recipe that will never go out of style. Baking is a way for us to pass along traditions to our children and give them memories they will carry with them for years to come.

Pull out that apron and gather your ingredients! It’s time for you to start baking up some holiday memories.



Why not assemble your friends and family in the kitchen this Christmas and bake some of these nostalgic cookies together? It’s a fun way of bonding while spending time with family and friends. Plus, baking is an art that will never go out of style.

Baking is a way for us to pass along traditions to our children and give them memories they will carry with them for years to come. So, bring out that apron, gather your ingredients and get mixing! It’s time for you to start baking fresh Christmas cookies while creating new holiday memories.

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