8 Adorable and Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Love Grows Personalized Christmas Ornament

Having the opportunity to post blogs for Holiday Traditions and MyOrnament.com has certainly taken me down memory lane at times. Writing “8 Adorable and Unique Baby Shower Gifts” invited me to look back through photo albums and notes from more than two decades ago when my son was born. Two very dear friends hosted his baby shower. Family and friends from around the world were present to celebrate this exciting time in the life of my family. We opted not to know whether our baby was a boy or a girl until after birth. The gifts we received were more general and not geared toward a theme or color.  We still smile at the many  unique baby shower gifts that we received.

If the Clog Fits:

Unique Baby Shower Gifts Dutch Clogs


Our friends from Holland were visiting the United States at the time of my pregnancy. They were excited to be a part of an American baby shower. They joined in on party games and made and wore diapers crafted out of toilet paper. We still laugh at the silliness! We also enjoyed all the festive foods prepared by our party hostesses. Our Dutch friends treated us to a unique baby shower gift of bright red wooden clogs. These clogs have been a meaningful keepsake that remind us of a friendship we have truly treasured over the years. This morning, I noticed the clogs still displayed in our hallway. I texted my now 22 year old son: “Nobody can fill your clogs”. To which he replied “I’m guessing not”, especially since his feet have grown to a size 12.

Adorable and Unique Baby Shower Gifts and Ornaments:

Not everyone has Dutch friends who give authentic clogs as gifts. For those who don’t, giving a personalized sentiment like our Pink Baby 1st Christmas Stocking is a great option to customize for the new baby. This ornament is also available in blue and red.  Add the child’s name to the rim of the hat. The birth year can be included on the center heart. This gift will not only be memorable during that magical first Christmas with the new baby, but also for many years to come when the Christmas tree is decorated.  Attach this ornament as a gift tag to create an especially cute present.

Baby's 1st Christmas Stocking Pink Personalized Christmas Ornament



One of our friends presented us with a baby time capsule so that we could capture memories specific to 2000, the year of our child’s birth. We included a few baby photos, a daily newspaper, letters to him from all his grandparents, and some personal mementos we collected as new parents. When the year was over, we sealed the time capsule and kept it stored away until his 21st birthday. Opening the capsule was a wonderful and heartfelt event in 2021. We rediscovered all the special items that had been saved just for him. This was certainly a gift that brought much joy on multiple occasions.

You can purchase a time capsule from a variety of retailers. You can also create one by hand out of a wooden box or metal can. Decorate the unique capsule with paint and stickers chosen specifically for the baby and family. Baby shower attendees can add handwritten notes for added joy when the capsule is opened at a future date. Time capsules make clever and unique baby shower gifts. Consider giving this as a one-of-a-kind baby shower gift.


Other Unique Baby Shower Gifts:

Our “Love Grows Expecting Personalized Ornament” is a memorable gift that celebrates the parents and the child. This sentimental baby shower gift offers space to personalize the names of mom and dad, along with an area at the top of the ornament for the name of the baby. The ornament is decorated with pale yellow, green and blue coloring and is a suitable and lovely gift for the expecting family.  Display this ornament all year long in the nursery!

Love Grows Personalized Christmas Ornament


Our “Baby’s First  Christmas Frame Personalized Ornament” is available in blue or pink.  Customize this adorable and unique baby shower gift with name and year.  Additionally, give this as a gift to new grandparents at Christmas. They will love it! Hang this ornament on a Christmas tree. Later, display it all year long as a picture frame.  Add a photo of the pregnant mom when used as a baby shower gift. Once the newborn arrives, replace the photo with one of the sweet baby.

Unique Baby Shower Gifts Photo Frame


We offer other wonderful baby ornaments including expecting family ornaments of 3-4 people plus the baby.  Add the names of older siblings for an opportunity to include the whole family.  We also carry a baby’s first Christmas birth year ornament in blue, pink and red. Write the name of the newborn on the rim of the hat.

Expecting Family of 3 Personalized Christmas Ornament

A Unique Baby Shower Gift for the Family who Travels:

Finally, we traveled frequently by airplane as new parents to see family and friends. We were concerned about the dirt and germs our small child would be exposed to in airports and large venues. The Little Stork Gate Check Travel Bag was not something that was available decades ago. This handy travel option would have been an ideal gift for our new family. Our minds would have been more at ease had we been able to cover his car seat when we gate checked it. The gate check bag is an excellent choice as a baby gift for expecting parents. The Little Stork also offers a 3 in 1 bag option with wheels that makes transporting extra supplies a breeze!

Unique Baby Shower Gift The Little Stork Travel Bag

New Baby Joy:

Babies add joy to our lives and happiness to our homes. Ask any grandparent or parent. They will surely tell you that in a blink of an eye, a baby is suddenly an adult. Celebrate their upcoming birth with unique baby shower gifts and bring years of smiles and heart tugs to both the parents and the child as they grow. Make keepsake treasures with personalized gifts. The family will be certain to remember you for your thoughtfulness and the love you shared along with your special gift.

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