8 Custom Ornaments and 2 Piggy Banks for March Gifts that Dazzle and Wow

March and Spring Ornaments

“8 Custom Ornaments and 2 Piggy Banks for March Gifts that Dazzle and Wow”. This may sound like a curious combination for a blog title, but the third month of the year always reminds me how lucky I am to have certain people in my life. March is a month of renewal and fresh starts.  And, it is typically the beginning of spring. March is a time to shed the dullness of winter and replace it with blooming daffodils and colorful tulips. March brings new hope.

                                                                  Football Piggy Bank                Bee and Flower Large Piggy Bank

Do We Have Piggy Banks!

2 personalized Piggy Banks in our catalog are the Bee and Flowers piggy bank and the Football bank. I think of all the little hands that have been such an important part of my life. Some of those little hands are now big hands with little hands of their own. Piggy banks allow the tiny seeds of pennies and nickels dropped into the slot to grow into dollars, simultaneously encouraging good saving and spending habits to take hold.

For instance, one set of little hands in my life is about to get a birthday envelope with 12 dollars because he is turning 12. I did not realize how special this tradition was to the children in my life until a 15 year old set of little hands shared how happy it makes her each year to get an added dollar bill. Children remember the extra effort we make for them. It matters.     

8 Custom Ornaments for March Gifts:

Fishing Vest Personalized Christmas OrnamentFishing Tackle Box Custom Ornament

Our Fishing Vest and Fishing Tackle custom ornaments remind me of a decades long friend who asks for little and gives a lot. I remember him sharing the excitement he felt about the March opening of trout season, how he adores his two delightful grown daughters, and how he selflessly donated hours of his time 15 years ago to help me with a writing project. His birthday is in March. I can’t help but think of him when I see these fishing ornaments come across my desk. Of course, a personalized fishing vest ornament would definitely make the perfect gift for him.

In Our Hearts Forever memorial ornament reminds me that 10 years ago this March I lost my sweet Grand Lady at the remarkable age of 91. She was a feisty and generous gal, full of style and humor. And, she made my life better. You see, our custom ornaments are not just small trinkets. They signify what we treasure and hold most dear. My Grand Lady will always be worth remembering. I see her influence in so many areas of my life. In addition, this custom ornament can be personalized with a name and date.

Additionally, the Just Married Vintage Wedding Car custom ornament reminds me of the anniversary of my sister and brother-in-law. Since they married in March, I wore a green gown to stand with them as they took their vows many years ago. It was a special day. Both then and now. Likewise, I’ve smiled at notes written by many customers who have purchased this ornament to commemorate weddings, as well as 25th, 40th and even 50th wedding anniversaries.

Vintage Wedding Car Custom Ornament

More Custom Ornaments for Spring:

Next, our Best Friends Forever Hearts ornament brings to mind two cherished people in my life who share the same birthday. These are friends who have been there for me no matter the reason or time of day. They are the “all hours” friends, and I know I am lucky to call them that. With you….always. So, this treasured keepsake would certainly make them smile wherever they see it hanging in their home.

Irish Santa and Best Friends

Our family-owned, small business has some Irish running through it. Therefore, it goes without saying that some of our popular March ornament picks are the Bless this Irish House and the Irish Santa custom ornaments. At Christmas, one customer personalized an Irish Santa for every member of their immediate family. It was quite impressive to pack so many cheery green Santas into one box!  The festive Santa has a bright green and white shamrock as a perfect spot to personalize a name or year. 

Lastly, our Gardening girl ornament makes an appearance with her pleasant smile, floppy hat, and colorful rain jacket. She is ready to pretty up the world with pink and purple daisies. This custom ornament can include a name in the large pink flower. Wearing rain boots and carrying an umbrella, she’ll get those seeds and bulbs planted pronto.  I smile to think of the March birthday of my aunt in Hawaii who sees beauty in nature everywhere she goes. 

Gardening Personalized Christmas Ornament
Gardening Personalized      Christmas Ornament

Spring into Action

March. New beginnings. Fresh starts. Hope. This month’s featured 8 custom ornaments are symbols of life as it happens all around us. They carry memories and help keep moments alive. 

So, tell me: In this month of renewal, what special moments do you remember each March? Did you have a piggy bank when you were growing up? Who do you know that loves to garden? Please comment in the “Sitting and Sharing with SunnyGirl” section below:



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