An Ornament Shop and Peaceful New Beginnings after Christmas

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     It is 5 A.M., and I find myself here, alone in a quiet warehouse full of colorful holiday ornaments. The rattling sounds of the metal garage bay doors once were startling to me, but now are an unexpected source of comfort.  I am contemplating how I came to find myself here and wondering just where it is that I think I am going. I am full of gratitude and hope as I take notes in the leather bound journal given to me many years ago by a family member for a milestone birthday. 

     Last year, in life after Covid, I saw a job listing seeking seasonal handwriting help to personalize piggy banks and Christmas ornaments. The concept made me smile. Last year, I was in a completely different place in life. My only child had graduated from college: an empty nest. The idea of a temporary work gig and a little extra cash was intriguing. 

     Fast forward some 300 days and there I was again. This time it was the extra cash and laughter with former co-workers at this family-owned, small business that gave me a new purpose. And yes, as I have often joked, I’m getting paid instead of going to therapy while I figure out how my life will move forward. Like the decorative ornaments that hung just weeks ago on my Christmas tree, my future in this interim period hangs in the balance. 

     Real. Raw. Pure.

Sitting and Sharing treasured stories with SunnyGirl of My Ornament
One of SunnyGirl’s favorite mugs

     The milestones commemorated by the trinkets in these boxes are part of my story. There are graduation cap ornaments with dangling tassels, keepsakes to celebrate new babies that I shared with a friend at the births of his first grandson and granddaughter, a wedding car trinket with bride and groom that will certainly be an heirloom gift for a hopeful couple, and the treasured memorial heart with dove that I recently purchased for a dear friend at the death of her beloved mom.

     Here in the early morning stillness of this warehouse, I think of those people and times that brought me here to this moment. I remember sweet, green-eyed Quinn and the joy a petite 4 year old found in opening a box that held a personalized piggy bank colored with pink and purple butterflies, along with the sound of the coins as they were deposited by little hands. I am reminded of the Orange Tabby kitty cat ornament inscribed with “Bootsie” heading to Missouri, and the love that a pet brings to a family, including my own.

     Memories and dreams. Hopes and Christmas ornaments.

     With all of the ups and downs, trials and tribulations, tears and smiles, mine has been and still is, a great story. Now, I have the tremendous privilege of welcoming you to my journey as I blog with real and memorable stories for what may soon be my next great career path. The keepsakes housed on the shelves of this quiet warehouse before dawn will be an inspiration for stories of healing, hope, joy, and warmth. Here, in the peace of an ornament shop after Christmas, I think I am ready to write again.

     Yes, I know I am.

     Will you grab a cup of warm tea, then sit and share with me for a while?

     Tell me, what was the most memorable Christmas ornament you’ve ever received or given as a gift and why? Please comment in the “Sitting and Sharing with SunnyGirl” section below:

8 thoughts on “An Ornament Shop and Peaceful New Beginnings after Christmas

  1. kmvog1630 says:

    The most memorable ornament I received was from my mother. It was “Baby’s First Christmas“. My husband and I were so excited to share our first Christmas with our baby boy. This ornament has always been a reminder of that exciting time in my life.

    • HTCustomerService says:

      I love this comment! Whenever I see someone purchase a “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament, I can feel a rush of hopes and dreams for them. So special that your mom gave you this keepsake. No doubt this ornament is one that your family will treasure for years to come.

  2. Jyl Mayall says:

    I think my most favorite ornament was one we purchased while on the Blue Ridge Pkwy. It reminds me of a wonderful trip spent with my young son and my husband. Every time I hang it on the tree, I am taken back to that day spent on the pkwy.

    • HTCustomerService says:

      Jyl, what a lovely memory to share! Vacation trips leave lasting impressions, especially to someplace as spectacular as the Blue Ridge Parkway. Thank you for posting a comment. As a family-owned, small business, the support of our customers and community means a great deal. We’re glad to have you join us here and hope you will share our inspiration with others.

    • HTCustomerService says:

      Thanks for the comment! As a family-owned, small business we are certainly grateful for the support of our customers and community. Glad to have you join us here!

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