The Ultimate Guide to The Best Custom Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments

The Ultimate Guide to The Best Custom Baby's First Christmas Ornaments

Your favorite “new parents” would cherish a beautiful ornament when celebrating Christmas with their baby. You can pick from many ornaments to make this occasion a memorable one. Celebrating the first holiday with a baby can happen in different ways. However, a custom baby’s first Christmas ornament should definitely be the first thing on your list. This post will guide you to special ways to treasure a baby’s first Christmas.




Best Custom Baby’s First Christmas Ornament


A baby’s first Christmas should always be special. Creating a custom ornament can add to the celebration. So, we will look at some brilliant personalized ornament ideas for that little bundle of joy having their first Christmas experience.






Baby’s Christmas Sleigh Ornament (Blue)


This ornament is an amazing idea. A sleigh is synonymous with Santa Claus and Christmas. It would also be a great gift for your nephew, son, or grandson at a baby shower. It has “Baby’s First Christmas” as pre-printed text. There is space to personalize this ornament with the little one’s name.


This Christmas sleigh ornament also comes in different colors and will be an excellent addition to baby’s first Christmas tree..


Blue Baby's First Christmas Sleigh Personalized Ornament


Click here to check out this ornament.






Baby’s First Christmas Personalized Ornament (2022)


Do you know a couple that is expecting a baby before Christmas? We have a perfect gift they are sure to treasure! This baby has a tender and innocent face peeking over the year banner. This baby’s first personalized Christmas ornament should be top of your list.


It is a great ornament that celebrates the year of their birth. There is room to add the baby’s name to make it even more special. This baby’s first Christmas ornament comes with a ribbon loop for hanging on the tree.



Check out this ornament by clicking here.




Christmas Snow Baby Personalized Ornament


Christmas is mostly associated with winter and cold, and that happens for obvious reasons. So, in winter’s mood, a personalized snow baby ornament can be a creative, yet simple way of celebrating a baby’s first Christmas. And we have got you covered on this.


Our Baby’s 1st Christmas Snow Baby personalized ornament in blue is what you need. This ornament comes with a blue hat with space to imprint the child’s name. The year can also fit perfectly beneath the snow baby’s little foot.




Baby's 1st Christmas Snow baby Blue Personalized Christmas Ornament copy


Check out this ornament by clicking here


If you prefer to keep the traditional color of Christmas, this snow baby ornament also comes in red. Check out the Red and Pink Snow Baby Christmas ornament.






Baby Girl Christmas Lights Personalized Ornament


The  Baby Girl Christmas Lights Personalized Ornament’ is another sweet addition for any holiday tree. This ornament is pink and a great choice when creating a custom baby’s first Christmas for a girl. So, if you have a friend or close family member expecting a little one, this makes a treasured gift for baby showers, holidays, or just because.


This ornament features colorful lights, a ribbon meant for hanging on a Christmas tree, and a personalization area for the baby’s name and the year.


Baby Girl Christmas Lights Personalized Christmas Ornament


Click here to check out this ornament.






Baby’s First Christmas Picture Frame Personalized Ornament


A custom baby’s first Christmas ornament as a picture frame is a wonderful gift for a baby. The ornament can be customized with a name and year. The words “Baby’s 1st Christmas” are pre-printed at the top of the ornament.


Our pink baby’s first Christmas picture frame ornament can feature a wallet-sized photo of the child. There is a heart shape below where you can imprint the child’s name. This frames offers a space to include a year as well.




Baby's 1st Christmas Girls Photoframe Personalized Christmas Ornament


Check out this ornament here.


This picture frame ornament also comes in blue if you prefer a different color.






Pink Baby Girl


The pink baby girl is another personalized ornament you can use to adorn a home welcoming a newborn or toddler. If you know a couple expecting a baby girl, this Christmas would be a perfect time to share this ornament with them. 


This ornament features a bottle-like shape, hanging ribbons, and a teddy. It is a sweet keepsake featuring happy zoo animals and a joyful little girl. This ornament is a special gift and will look great hanging in a little one’s bedroom throughout the year.


BABY Girl Personalized Christmas Ornament


Click here to check out this ornament.






Baby Feet First Christmas Personalized Ornament


Another beautiful keepsake you can get for a couple for their baby’s first Christmas is this ornament. It is the perfect custom baby’s first Christmas ornament for a baby or a family close to your heart.


Our Baby Feet First Christmas ornament features a heart shape with baby feet. It also carries a ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ pre-printed text on it. This ornament has enough space to personalize the baby’s name and date of birth.




Baby Feet 1st Christmas Red Personalized Christmas Ornament


Click here to check out this ornament.




New Mommy and Daddy Snow Family Personalized Ornament


This ornament is the perfect gift for your favorite couple that has just welcomed a newborn to their home. It has an incredible personalization feature as the ornament shows a man and a woman holding a baby. You can imprint the name of the couple and the baby on this ornament, as well as the year.


Sending a custom baby’s first Christmas ornament like this to those you love will be a meaningful gift that brings joy for years to come.


New Mommy and Daddy Personalized Christmas Ornament


Check out this ornament by clicking here.






Expecting Family Of 3 Ornament


If you know a family of 3 who is expecting a new baby, this ornament makes the perfect gift. It is also important for couples expecting a baby to share the blessing with the whole family during the holiday season. And this ornament fits in perfectly to the occasion.


You can personalize it with the name of each person on the individual hats. The year can be added to any other space on the ornament.


Expecting Family of 3 Personalized Christmas Ornament


Click here to check out this ornament.




There are also some other ornaments for a couple expecting their first child. The pregnant couple ornament and baby bump expecting couple personalized ornaments are items also worth checking out.






Things To Do For Your Baby’s First Christmas


A baby’s first Christmas is a memorable milestone, but there are other traditions you want to start now. Below are some ideas of ways to create special family memories, year after year. 




Begin A New Tradition


There is no better time to start a new tradition than on your baby’s first Christmas. Think of something unique to your family and make a plan to continue it with the new generation. Maybe it’s singing Christmas Carols together on Christmas Eve or wearing new matching pajamas as a family while you enjoy reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas” together.


Maybe it is a new idea entirely. For example, the family could make a special cookie recipe during your baby’s first Christmas and continue doing it for years. In addition, there are numerous Christmas traditions you can start with your family.




A Perfect Christmas Outfit


A Christmas outfit for a baby’s first Christmas would make a cute memory. Buying a nice Christmas outfit would be a great idea. You can get adorable outfits for that cute baby from a local store or an online shop. Capture an extra special moment by taking a photo and placing it in one of our holiday frame ornaments.




Visit Santa Claus


Visiting Santa Claus is another tradition to adopt beginning with  your baby’s first Christmas. Not all children enjoy the experience, so it is a good idea to approach Santa slowly to be sure the child gets accustomed to him. Some places allow parents to make appointments to avoid standing in line for too long. You can visit when it is less busy to make the experience more pleasant.




Take Photos For Baby’s First Christmas


Taking memorable photos for the baby’s first Christmas is important. That is because some moments must be captured to bring back these great memories even year after year. Some moments that are great to capture in a photo are: a baby’s photo with Santa, a photo of the baby in their Christmas outfit or pajamas, and a picture on Christmas morning.


So, these are some memorable ideas couples can consider during the holiday festivities.  Adding a one-of-a-kind customized Baby’s First Christmas ornament makes the season all the more special.


Consider checking out the best custom baby’s first Christmas ornaments for your favorite couple.






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A custom baby’s first Christmas ornament is the perfect gift for a couple with a newborn at this time of the year. It is also a befitting ornament for couples expecting a baby during Christmas. And we have covered all you need to know about celebrating these occasions.


We believe with this article and our collection of products, you can never go wrong with a baby’s first Christmas ornament and creating a memorable holiday.




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