Celebrating Workers on Labor Day: How to Celebrate Workers This Labor Day

Celebrating workers on Labor Day

This article “Celebrating Workers on Labor Day” was updated on 08/18/2023

America celebrates Labor Day at the beginning of September. For most of us, it simply means the end of summer and closing the swimming pool. And we have fun by taking the last camping trips or hosting the final backyard cookout of the year. Celebrating workers on Labor Day is a significant event. Its purpose is to acknowledge and celebrate American workers.

The history of the holiday is framed in struggle and fraught with violence. Employees who wanted fair wages and reasonable shifts had to fight for the rights we take for granted today.

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The History of Labor Day

The United States of America became established as an agricultural nation, with its economy based on the growth and sale of crops and livestock. But with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, American workers flocked to cities to work in factories. Factory work was dangerous and demanding. Employees often worked 12-hour shifts, seven days a week.

There were no laws regulating wages, mandating breaks, or protecting the safety of the workers. These horrible conditions led many American workers to unionize and fight for improvements. On September 5, 1882, workers took unpaid time off in New York to parade around the City Hall to proclaim their rights. That was a period of unrest, leading to protests and rallies, which later became violent.

An even worse protest happened in 1894 with Pullman Palace workers in the car company. They went on strike because they believed the company wasn’t treating them fairly. These workers protested, asking for salary increments and removing union representatives who weren’t doing anything to plead their cases. The root of the Labor Day protest was the violent clashes between labor and police officers in the Haymarket riot.

During that time, many workers in Chicago stormed the streets to demand fair treatment and a reduced workday per hour from 12 to 6. Finally, after this series of problems with workers protesting for their rights, the U.S. government gave in to establishing peace with these unions.

Congress now made an act declaring Labor day an American legal holiday in the state capital and other territories. President Grover Cleveland then signed it into law on June 28, 1994. As a result, America celebrates this day every first Monday of September. Many take to the streets on this day to commemorate its significance. However, many parades stopped due to the coronavirus outbreak in 2019, although some are resuming in 2022.

What Labor Day Means Today

Celebrated on the first Monday of September in both the U.S. and Canada, Labor Day is meant to honor workers. Aside from the significance of celebrating workers on Labor Day, it also marks an unofficial summer end. Having moved past the sad events leading up to the peace, we now enjoy Labor Day. It is now a time for merriment.

 During this day, many enjoy barbecues in their backyard, weekend getaways with their loved ones, a few days of rest at home, and many more fun activities. Although the celebrations are fun, it’s important to remember this holiday’s original significance. Without the historical actions of unions and workers, we would not have a minimum wage, paid vacations, required breaks and days off, or safe working conditions.

We still haven’t forgotten this day, as many Americans still parade to celebrate workers on Labor Day. Safeguarding jobs is also an excellent addition to the theme, and unions advocate for that. All workers deserve fair treatment, paid days off, a salary worth their work, and eight hours of work each day. Only those who choose to work overtime willingly can do so.


Do Workers Work on Labor Day?

Labor Day is a day off for most workers, but only some, as it’s optional. However, a high percentage of companies, according to a survey, 97% give paid days off to their employees. Large companies are likely to have staff still working during this time due to their work nature.

Also, the government does not mandate employers to pay workers who choose to turn in at work an extra fee.

As long as they receive the appropriate amount they deserve and get the proper treatment, that is fine. Celebrating workers on Labor Day is beneficial, but a report shows that many still work. Only some must take this day off as some activities can’t pause. For example, security, health, and workers at grocery stores or even customer support representatives are vital to the workforce. Although they deserve days off, some don’t take it.

Moreover, health and security are crucial topics that can cause loss of lives if not handled swiftly. There are always crimes and illnesses every day, and imagine what would happen if someone called 911 and found out all officers took a day off or there was no doctor/nurse on the ground to treat a dying patient.

America recognizes the thoughtful contributions of these many employees who don’t take days off. And although they don’t participate in Labor Day, the parade is for them, and we’ll always have these dear ones in mind. Additionally, professional employees turn up at work on this day, including managers, supervisors, sales personnel, and those related to the service and maintenance sector.

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Personalized Ornaments to Honor Workers

Not all workers get Labor Day off, but it’s still a great time to acknowledge their dedication and thank them for all their hard work. A personalized ornament can be a touching way to celebrate the workers whose hard work makes our lives much less complicated. So this Labor Day, take the time to truly appreciate retail employees, construction workers, and others who may work behind the scenes but contribute to America’s growth.

It would be lovely to gift these loved ones precious ornaments to show appreciation and commend their good works. But giving them personalized ornaments with their names and kind words saying they’re the best is even more thoughtful and will warm their hearts. This is the best place to get these personalized ornaments for your dear ones. Below are examples.


Construction Worker Ornament

Do you have a close friend or a relative in the construction sector working as a carpenter, architect, or surveyor? Then this construction worker’s personalized ornament is a unique gift to show them how important they are and that we see their contribution to making America better by making fine buildings.

Handyman Ornament

A handyman is one of the crucial people in society. They’re always there to repair and maintain wrong things and get them working as usual. Appreciate such ones with this thoughtful handyman personalized ornament with their name written on the tag.

Cosmetologist Ornament

Cosmetologists are special people and deserve appreciation for always being there. Most of them never take days off and are always available to provide cosmetic treatment to skin, hair, and nails. Appreciate them with this thoughtful cosmetologist personalized ornament bearing their name.

Mechanic Ornament

The people who work on automobiles are why we can transport smoothly from one place to another in our vehicles. So give a close friend this personalized mechanic ornament to commend their excellent work.

Laptop Ornament

Have a friend who works as a secretary or from home with a laptop? Even laptop enthusiasts deserve this unique laptop personalized ornament. Staring at the screen all day at work, contributing, and being productive is genuinely commendable.

Garbage Truck Ornament

The personalized garbage truck ornament is a good gift for the workers who help us eliminate garbage and keep America clean. Show them how much appreciation you feel with this personalized ornament.

Army Ornament

Celebrating workers on Labor Day is crucial because not all workers get days off. So actively participating means you’re celebrating on their behalf and also supporting them. And that means celebrating all workers, even those who can’t afford to take days off. Also, military men are never off duty, even on holidays like Labor Day, and gifting a soldier an army guy ornament is thoughtful.

Chef Ornament

The personalized guy chef ornament is a classic way to commend chefs for making tasty meals.

Pharmacist Ornament

Most pharmacy stores are open all days of the week as they understand health is crucial. So commending your friends and relatives for their dedication to working with this pharmacist guy ornament is a great way to show your support.


We’re all encouraged to celebrate workers on Labor Day with thoughtful gifts and encouraging words to also strengthen their resolve to do more. MyOrnament has many unique personalized ornaments you can customize for a loved one. Don’t forget to commend your workers, too, and thank them for the fantastic job they do and their productivity.

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