Decorate Your Christmas Tree All Year Round

Decorate your tree

Christmas Tree Decorations to Display on Your Tree Year Round

We know that the Christmas tree is the highlight of your holiday decorating, and we understand if it bums you a little bit that you have to put it in storage for 10 months once the holiday season is over. 

As fellow holiday decoration junkies, we’re happy to tell you that you’re not breaking any rules when you leave your tree up all year long! The key to making this work is in updating the tree decorations each month and having a theme that goes with the seasons.

There are several Christmas tree decorations that work all year long. Here’s some to give you inspiration.

Valentine’s Day Tree

Valentine Tree

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Repurpose your tree in this holiday of love! You can bomb your tree with cupid’s classic colors of pink, red, and white for a Valentine-themed tree. Create paper garlands and DIY heart-shaped ornaments for a more creative touch.

You can even hang toy plushies and plastic roses if you truly want your tree to have an inspired romantic ambiance.


Cinco de Mayo Tree Decorations

Cinco de Mayo Tree

Photo by Pinterest

Don’t keep your tree just yet and instead, spruce it up with a fiesta-inspired decor! Include a Cinco de Mayo tree as you decorate for your Mexican party to create a more refreshing and unique mood.

Imagine having a banquet filled with delicious treats just beside your glorious-looking tree filled with colorful sombreros and vibrant paper flowers—now that’s a fiesta!


Fourth of July Tree

4th of july tree

Photo by Housepitality Designs

Celebrate the 4th of July with a tree that is designed with all things patriotic. Easily create an all-American feel at your home with red and blue ornaments and flag decorations.

Add a no-sew red tree skirt and throw in blue and white twinkle lights to make it look perfect for the holiday!


Halloween Tree Decorations

Halloween Tree

Photo by Home Crux

Dress your tree up with spooky but festive decorations to create a tree perfect for the Trick or Treat season that kids will surely enjoy!

Your eerie decors could include bats, spiders, skeletons, witches, and ghosts. Pumpkin design makes a great addition, too, as they out a vibrant mood to your Halloween tree!


For additional quality ornaments perfect for seasonal decorations on your tree, check out our shop too! And don’t just call it a Christmas tree, call it a Holiday tree because, with these festive ideas, you can surely keep repurposing and styling your tree all year round!


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