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Picking a Christmas Tree Theme

Every year Christmas offers us the chance to be creative and create a special space that is one of a kind. At the center of everyone’s decorations is the Christmas tree and how you decorate that tree has endless possibilities. Rather than putting everything you own up on its’ branches, you may want to consider doing a theme for your tree this year.

Picking a theme for your tree can help you to select ornaments, lights and decorations to complement the overall look you want to achieve. It may come as a surprise but the top theme for Christmas trees this year is Traditional. People are yearning for a simpler time when families gathered and stories were shared.

Let’s take a look at the Traditional theme as well as some others that may spark your creativity!

Traditional Christmas Tree

We all have different ideas on what a “traditional” Christmas looked like because of our family’s traditions, beliefs or tastes. But there are certain elements of a traditional Christmas tree that ring true for just about everyone:

  • Popcorn Garland: many of us can remember sitting around the Christmas tree with a threaded needle and a bowl of popcorn we couldn’t help but steal pieces from. We can almost remember the tenderness that grew in our fingers the more we pushed the needles through the popped corn or how it seemed as if we were making no progress. But once that garland was strung up and placed on the tree, we knew that all of that hard work was worth it.


  • Bubble Lights: back before LED ran everything, these festive lights screwed in to your existing string of lights and the liquid inside bubbled just like a lava lamp. Similar to a lava lamp, these lights also got very warm, making them dangerous to have on a living tree. Luckily today you can buy LED-versions of the bubble lights that give you the same traditional feel without the danger of over-heating.


  • Nutcrackers: these tiny wooden soldiers have remained popular throughout the years because of their whimsical look and mass appeal. Whether they hang from your tree or adorn your mantel, nutcrackers have been a staple in Christmas decorating for generations and will continue to do so for years to come.


  • Tinsel: this bright, reflective string can be draped over your tree to create a magical, fluttering effect on your branches. Tinsel originally came in silver but you can now find it in almost any color you wish to match your ornaments and lights. Just watch out for children and pets because tinsel is one thing they cannot stay away from!


  • Angel Tree Topper: if you go into any major store you will find an abundance of choices for your Christmas tree topper including stars, snowmen and even a golden pineapple. But what did traditional Christmas trees have? An angel. This originated from the angel Gabriel who announced the birth of Jesus.

Don’t forget to add some traditional decorations, like this Red Christmas Ornament that you can personalize for any member of your family.

Traditional Christmas Tree Ornaments

Rustic Christmas Tree

As farmhouse décor sweeps the decorating scene many people are infusing those same vibes into their Christmas trees. While this theme may not be the most unique theme out there, you will find no shortage of decorations to bring this idea to life on your tree.

  • Buffalo Check: this pattern is classic and can be paired with almost any other color to create that rustic feel. Buffalo check comes in black and white or red and black and can be found in everything from ornaments to decorative ribbon.


  • Pinecones: what better way to infuse that woodsy feel than by incorporating something you would find in the woods! You can get creative and create your own pinecone decorations by adding glitter, fake snow or even cranberries. Or you can go to your local store and purchase pinecones that are scented with cinnamon to really engage the senses.


  • White Buttons: if you long for tradition in a modern way, why not string different sizes of white buttons together to simulate the popcorn garlands you had as a child? Not only is it much easier to string, but you won’t have to worry about the mice eating your decorations!


  • Burlap: similar to buffalo check, burlap is a classic material that can be used in many ways to create a rustic look. Weave around your tree like a ribbon or sew together to create a unique tree skirt that will cover that unsightly tree stand.


  • Wood Beads: since the staple of a rustic look is wood, why not incorporate a string of wooden beads to add texture and interest to your tree. Wooden beads come in a variety of sizes and shades of wood to create a unique look you can easily string together in an afternoon.

To add a truly rustic feel to your tree, look for the classic red Pickup Truck that can be placed at the base of your tree or hung off the branches as an ornament.

Rustic Christmas Tree Ornaments

Sweet as Candy Themed Tree

The holidays are filled with cookies, gingerbread houses and hot cocoa to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth. Why not create a Christmas tree that celebrates all of the sweet things you love about the holidays?

  • Colorful Ribbon: think pastels, stripes and polka dots when picking out your ribbons. You can weave solid colors with patterns to create your very own Candy Land on your tree.


  • Candy Canes: don’t limit yourself to the traditional candy cane shape and color. Experiment with different holiday treats that incorporate the striped pattern, such as lollipops.


  • Sweet Ornaments: be on the lookout for ornaments that look like your favorite Christmas Cookie, gingerbread house, cup of cocoa or candy. These sweet touches will make even the hardest of heart melt.


  • Floral Accents: sprigs of brightly-colored beads, curly ting branches or flowers can be incorporated to create a whimsical feel.


  • The Power of Flowers: pastel-colored flowers can mimic the look of traditional poinsettias but add a punch to your sweet tree in bold and beautiful ways. You can even add some sparkle to your flowers before hanging them to really make your tree shine.

Sweet as Candy Christmas Tree Ornaments

Neutral Christmas Tree

Traditionally when we think of Christmas colors, we see palates of red, green and gold. This year, keeping your colors neutral is the look that pops. Shades of white, beige, gray and browns can help create a truly glamorous look that really pops by the flicker of your fireplace.

  • Tin Bells: for decorations that sing, try hanging a few tin bells from your branches. The muted surface will pick up the soft glow of your tree lights and you can adorn them with pieces of fabric, such as burlap or lace for added elegance.


  • Book Page Garland: instead of letting your old books collect dust on your shelves, why not turn them into a beautiful garland? Pages cut into a variety of shapes and sizes can be crumpled to give that worn appearance and then strung onto twine to create a truly unique look for your neutral tree.


  • Snowflake Ornaments: snowflakes can create a magically-understated accent to your tree by offering a bright pop of color against your green boughs as well as visual interest in the different shapes and sizes they come in.


  • Rattan Balls: if you are looking for some neutral accents for your tree, look no further than to rattan balls. In different shades of brown, these ornaments can add texture and interest to your tree as they are incorporated through your other elements. You can even spray paint them if you wish to change the colors up each year.


  • Wooden Stars: no matter what neutral colors you decide on, wooden stars can be painted to compliment your other decorations and add that dreamy element to your overall look.

Neutral Christmas Tree Ornaments

What Christmas Tree Look Will You Create?

While there are hundreds of ideas out there on ways you can decorate your tree, putting your own unique spin on your theme will truly thrill your family and friends this holiday season. Don’t be afraid to dig through your drawers and shelves at home and create some one-of-a-kind pieces that can hang on your tree for years to come.

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