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This Article, “Engagement Gifts Under $35”, was updated on 05/04/2023.

Engagements are a special time for both the person getting engaged and the one about to say “I do”. The engagement period is typically filled with excitement, joy, and celebration. It’s also a time when you often need to find an engagement gift that is meaningful, but not too expensive.  We will discuss engagement gifts under $35.

In this blog post, we’ll go over some creative personalized ornaments engagement gifts under $35 that will help make your bride-to-be feel loved on their big day!

Additionally, each of the gifts suggested is not bulky and can be easily sent to the newly-engaged couples. Let’s get down to the list without wasting time:


11 Best Engagement Gifts Under $35

1. We Are Engaged!

First, this simple, but elegant ornament will make the perfect engagement gift for the happy couple. Featuring the words “We are Engaged” in silver lettering and an engagement ring, you can add an extra touch by personalizing the engagement date and names of the happy couple.

Also, the ornament is made from high-quality materials and some glitters to enhance the appearance. You can include the ornament on your Christmas tree to mark the engagement of your favorite couple or simply present it on their special day.

The double hearts design symbolizes a clear message. And, since you can include the couples’ dates, it is just the perfect gift to celebrate an engagement.

Engagement Gifts Under $20

Click here to get this ornament.


2. I Got The RING!!!

Without a doubt, every bride wants to shout from a rooftop when they experience these moments. This “I Got the Ring” ornament will relive that moment. A bride stands, displaying her diamond ring. Personalize the bride’s name and engagement date.

It pictures a lady showing off her engagement diamond ring with a heart on her foot for further customization. The ornament is minimalistic but a great choice for an engagement gift considering its low price.

I Got The Ring Engaged Personalized Christmas Ornament

3. Holiday Proposal

Clearly, one of the most popular times to get engaged is the holiday season. One of my favorite engagement gifts is our personalized first Christmas engagement ornament. If a loved one got engaged during the holiday season, this would be among the perfect engagement gifts under $35 you can get for them as it displays the holiday spirit! Add the happy couple’s name and engagement date.

This customizable ornament under $35 shows the man on his knee proposing to his wife-to-be in a traditional black and red outfit. The lady’s dress has some leaves of green as well as a green belt. The heart between them is also laced with some flowers that denote the Christmas season.

Therefore, if you want to make your favorite couple’s holiday proposal remarkable, you should consider gifting them something for the season. A Christmas proposal deserves a Christmas gift. Are you anticipating any holiday proposals this Christmas? Why not check out this ornament below

Proposing Couple Engagement Ring Personalized Ornament

4. She Said YES! 

Relive the happiest moment over and over with our “She said Yes!” ornament. An adorable couple embraces while holding a ring celebrating their monumental moment. It can be further personalized with the names of the newly engaged couples and the engagement date.

There are two available models of the She Said Yes ornament, a blonde bride and a bride with brown hair. The prices are the same, and you get the same quality from purchasing either. The durability of this ornament can never be underestimated and will surely stand on your Christmas tree for many years. Order it below

She said Yes Engagement Personalized Christmas Ornament

5. Diamond Engagement Ring 

Apart from the real deal, this highly popular engagement ring ornament is the perfect gift for any newly engaged couple. One of our most popular engagement gift ideas has so much glitter it will sparkle like the real deal! Place the engaged couples’ names in the heart and the engagement date on the ring.

It goes without saying that everyone loves diamonds, and a customized one for a proposal would simply be mind-blowing. You can use the ring to save the date of a special day in your life. Each time it glitters, the ring brings back memories that leave you smiling. You also do not need to be concerned about the price since it is still the same affordable price you can trust.

Engagement Ring Personalized Christmas Ornament

6. Engagement Ring Christmas Ornament

This engaged couple gift is one of our latest arrivals. It is a variation to the Diamond Ring Ornament recommended above.

The ornament consists of a diamond ring in its case filled with glitter. The body of the case can be used for any light customization, such as name, date, and short personalized messages.

Therefore, this is another great option of ornaments that celebrate the joy of engagement.  You will fall in love with this because it sparkles with the excitement of the occasion.

Engagement Gifts Under $20

Click here to get this ornament.

7. Wedding Attire Ornament

This classic wedding attire ornament is perfect for an engagement or a big day! Give it as a bridal shower gift, or use it as a name tag. The couple will love hanging their personalized wedding gift on the tree yearly.

You can easily use this ornament to present your ideas of the perfect wedding attire without buying a sample. Just some touches here and there during customization, and you may be presenting the couple with one of their most memorable engagement gifts.

The couple’s name can be included on the bride’s gown, while the date goes on the heart towards the extreme tip of the gown. Moreover, you can also send a personalized message to the couple instead of their names if you wish. Yes! All these can be done on just this one ornament. These are proposal gifts below $35. Click on the image below to customize this ornament to your taste.

8. I Do Personalized Ornament

This little ornament might be all you need to congratulate the newly engaged couple. The ornament features a bride and groom holding a board with the inscription, “I DO.” It is further decorated with three hearts. One on the bride’s dress. The other two at the center of the groom and bride and on the groom’s trousers.

Furthermore, you can also choose to include the name of the couple and the engagement date on the ornament. Similarly to other ornaments on the list, you can hang the ornament on a Christmas tree or present it directly to the couple.

Engagement Gifts Under $20

Click here to get this ‘I Do’ ornament.

9. Proposing Personalized Ornament

Certainly, marriage proposals are an important part of every couple’s life since it marks the advent of engagement and wedding. Due to this, it is important to make the day special and find a way to always remember that day.

Fortunately, we have an opportunity to make it easy for you to congratulate a newly-wedded couple. Our proposing personalized ornament portrays a proposal event with the man on his knee and the girl blushing. It is a whimsical ornament but offers the proper reminder of the day you proposed to the girl of your dreams.

The ornament has spaces to include the couple’s names (on the white heart) and dates (on the guy’s trousers). Also, you can try out some new ideas by writing the bride’s name on her dress and then utilizing the heart for a personalized message to the couple.

It is available in both blonde and non-blonde designs to ensure every potential couple gets what reflects them.

Engagement Gifts Under $20

Click here to get this ornament.

10. Engaged Snow Couple Personalized Ornament

If you want a present appreciated, you should send a gift that speaks. This engagement ornament tells a story of a Snowman and his to-be bride. You can guess the end of the story from the faces on the couple.

The ornament features a Snowman and his bride with the accepted diamond ring in their middle. A large snow white heart behind them can be used to customize the date. The couple’s name can be written on the snowman and his bride.

This ornament allows you to present something new to your favorite couple during their engagement in the winter, and you will be glad to do so.

Show up for your favorite couple’s engagement party with this Engaged Snow ornament.

Engagement Gifts Under $20

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11. Engaged Couple Christmas Ornament

So, let’s round off today’s list with another amazing ornament for a Christmas engagement. The ornament depicts how happy the couple is and displays the event (engaged), name, and date of the event on a signboard hung below the couple.

The first Christmas of a new couple is one of a lifetime, with many things to add to the Christmas tree. However, the decorations would be incomplete without something representing the day she said “Yes”.

Engagement Gifts Under $20

Make the difference with this engaged couple Christmas ornament.


Still Struggling For An Engagement Gift Under 35?

Lastly, need more gift ideas for engaged couples? Not seeing something that appeals to you just yet? How about pairing an ornament as a gift tag to some engraved coasters by Red Kestrel? These come in sets of 4, 6, and 8 and a variety of styles. They make wonderful gifts for the engaged couple. Moreover, we will show two styles below that have different personalization options:

Absorbent CoastersSlate coasters

 We’ve covered you if you’re looking for a unique and special gift or even some last-minute personalized wedding or engagement gifts under $35.

In conclusion, be sure you shop our Engagement and Wedding category for more ideas, and speak to us if you need assistance selecting the best one. You will be glad you did!


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