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Children’s Christmas Trees

Decorating a Christmas tree is something many of us looking forward to every year, whether we do it by ourselves or with a partner. But when you add children to the mix, you are able to see Christmas through a new set of wonder-filled eyes. Children want so much to help you put things on the tree, whether they belong there or not!

This year, why not let your children have their very own Christmas tree to decorate! This will allow them to spread their creative wings and create something they are proud of while allowing you to create the big Christmas tree of your dreams.

Below you will find some great ways to inspire your children during this holiday season!

Choose Your Base

The first thing you and your children will need to do is decide what type of tree they want to decorate. As the person holding the checkbook, you have several options depending on how big you want to go with their tree:

  • Felt Tree: one way to go is to cut out a big fake tree from a green piece of felt and hang it from the wall of your choice. Felt is great for regular ornaments as you can easily push the hooks through the material, or you can add Velcro to flat objects, such as hand-drawn pictures, that will stick to the felt.
  • Fake Tree: we can all agree that fake Christmas trees can get rather pricey depending on the size, style and material you select, but buying a small fake tree for your children can be fairly painless. Look for trees that are 4’ tall or less and buy them from stores that frequently offer coupons. You can even look in the clearance section of stores to find a great deal on a tree for next Christmas.
  • Real Tree: nothing beats the smell of a real pine tree in your home during the holidays and your children’s tree can have that same affect. Simply select a larger tree for yourself and use the trimmings to create a smaller tree for your children. Or you can go to your local tree lot and find a small tree that you can trim down once you get it home.
  • Wreath: just because you call it a Christmas tree doesn’t mean it has to be an actual tree! Let your children decorate their very own wreath or garland for your home that can be displayed alongside the family Christmas tree.

Be sure to let your kids pick out a spot in the home to put their tree, whether it’s in the hallway between their rooms or the entryway as guests arrive. Having their tree on display will make their eyes light up with excitement.

Let the Decorating Begin!

Once their tree (or wreath) is in front of them, it’s time to let your children’s imaginations run wild! You can allow them to select decorations you already have or they can search the house for their own ideas. You may be surprised to see what items your children want to hang from their branches:

  • Ornaments: since the tree belongs to them, you may find your children asking for all the ornaments you have bought for them over the years. It may be their Baby’s First Christmas ornament from when they were born, or it could be a special ornament celebrating their love of Art. You may also find that they want to create everything they own into an ornament with the addition of a hook, such as balls, baby dolls or bath toys.
  • Paper Chains: do your kids love to create? Help them cut out different colors of construction paper and create a paper chain they can wrap around their tree for added color. Their chain can also be used after Christmas to hang in their bedroom or playroom.
  • Candy Canes: did your kids receive an abundance of holiday candy this year? Put those extra candy canes to use and hang them all over their Christmas tree. Not only does this create a whimsical look, but it makes sweet treats easily accessible to your guests when they visit your home.
  • Salt Dough Ornaments: this easy activity can keep your children occupied for an entire afternoon. Mix up the dough, cut into shapes and bake. Then let your kids go to work on painting their ornaments to create beautiful and unique decorations for their tree. They can also take some of their creations and send to family and friends as gifts.
  • Office Supplies: do your kids like to help you “work?” Why not give them some of your office supplies to decorate their tree with. They can make paperclip chains, bubble-wrap tree skirts or even post-it note light-bulbs to bring some inexpensive cheer to their branches.
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Celebrate Their Passions

If your children are older, they may have outgrown the “arts and crafts” Christmas trees of their youth and be wanting something more to their current interests. Help your kids to pick a theme for their tree and then watch as their creativity unfolds to bring that theme to life:

  • Superhero Tree: do your kids love everything Marvel? With a superhero tree they can incorporate their favorite hero’s colors, logo and maybe even some of their collectibles they have of them. You can also help add to their tree by gifting them a Superhero Photo Ornament that they can personalize with a picture of their choice, maybe a picture of them dressed up as their favorite superhero.
  • Under the Sea: if the ocean calls to your children, then an under the sea tree may be just what they need. You can incorporate sea glass ornaments, blue and white garland and maybe even sea shells from your last trip to the beach. Don’t forget their very own Jellyfish ornament to complete the ocean experience.
  • Magical Princess Kingdom: if you have girls, there is a very good chance that they love princesses. Create a magical princess tree complete with glittery pink Christmas balls, silver tinsel and snowflakes. You can even get your daughter her very own magical animal with this Princess and Her Unicorn
  • Movie/TV Show Tree: is there a certain movie or TV show that your children could watch 100 times and never grow tired of? Help them put everything they love about it into their tree! The best part of selecting this type of theme is that many movies and TV shows will have no shortage of inspiration in terms of colors, quotes, music and characters. You can create a Disney tree with Mickey Mouse and friends, or how about a Toy Story tree with bright colors and even brighter characters.

Let the Magic Unfold

Giving your kids their very own Christmas tree to decorate could become one of your families’ favorite traditions. It will give your children a sense of pride and accomplishment once their tree is complete and you get to stoke that Christmas magic in them for just a little longer. No matter what they want to put on their tree, sit back and watch as their creativity and joy explode during this holiday season.

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