Holiday Traditions.. Keeping Old Traditions Going


Most families have annual holiday traditions in place that they uphold throughout future generations. Traditions are events and activities that we participate with our family, friends and loved ones to continually remind us that the true spirit of the holidays is about spreading happiness and cheer and giving back to one another, but most of all creating new memories.

Familiar holiday traditions include gingerbread house making, attending local community Christmas parades, participating in holiday cookie exchanges, Secret Santa gift exchanges, baking unique or cultural holiday meals, opening presents with family and friends on Christmas Eve, or watching holiday movies onChristmas Eve while wearing special holiday pajamas, to name a few.

Trimming the tree

One of the most common holiday traditions is trimming the tree as an entire family. This event usually consists of holiday music playing, Christmas cookie baking, and sharing fond holiday memories with each other, which all bring laughter and joy to the home. The hanging of the Christmas ornaments, most often brings up discussion and re-kindling the history of each one. Ornaments hold a special place in our hearts because most often they are given as gifts or purchased to remember a certain time or milestone in our lives. Ornaments are collected throughout the years, and each year our special collection continues to grow.

Making the Holiday’s Magical

Overall, the traditions and experiences shared are what truly make the holidays magical. The holidays are about spending time together as a family. The traditions and memories made will be what is passed through many generations to come, not the toy that is lost, forgotten or left untouched in the back of the closet.


Kids & Teens Ornaments

Santa Train Personalized Ornament


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