How to Host a Magical Christmas Party During COVID

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Hosting a virtual Christmas party

Amongst all of the Christmas traditions we have created over the years, there is one tradition we were not prepared for: the virtual Christmas party. The restrictions of the COVID virus have us all yearning for the warmth and comfort of the holiday season but questioning how we are going to create that same feeling of magic when we have to stay 6 feet apart?

There are three ways that you can infuse the magic of Christmas into your virtual party that will have your family, friends or coworkers feeling the love this holiday season. Let’s unwrap the possibilities of new traditions as we enter into the last month of 2020.

Pick a Theme for your Christmas Party

Arguably one of the most important details of any good Christmas party is the theme. By picking a theme for your virtual Christmas party it will create the feeling of being together in the same room and will allow your guests to embrace the theme in different ways.

Whether your group includes family, friends or coworkers, any of these themes can be used to bring that extra magical element to your party:

  • Christmas Pajama Party: each group that calls in to your virtual party will be required to wear their very best pair of Christmas pajamas. Or you can get really creative and require that each group select a matching pajama set. This is a guaranteed conversation starter as you all join the party and admire the sets that everyone chose. Some ornament ideas for Christmas PJ party’s.


  • Christmas Formalwear: for many, Christmas parties are one of the few opportunities that people have to show off their fanciest attire, from dresses to suits. Throw a Christmas Formalwear party and marvel as your guests sparkle and shine from your screen like movie stars. Add a bottle of Champagne if you’re feeling up to it!


  • Ugly Christmas Sweater: most of your guests are bound to have an ugly Christmas sweater hanging in the back of their closet for that once-a-year opportunity to show them off. You can even make things really interesting and have a contest for the person who wears the ugliest sweater of the night. Send the winner this festive, Ugly Sweater Ornament.


  • Favorite Christmas Movie: whether it’s White Christmas, Christmas Vacation or A Christmas Story, each of your guests has a favorite movie they love to watch during the holidays. Guests can dress up individually or groups that call in together can pick one movie and recreate the entire cast. You never know who might turn up at your virtual Christmas party – maybe Santa Claus himself!


  • Put a Spin on Christmas: if you really want to dazzle your guests, throw a blended Christmas party by incorporating another theme! You can do Christmas in Hawaii, a Christmas Hoedown, Christmas Camping, you name it. This will allow your guests to really get their creative juices flowing.

Create a Signature Drink

Once you have checked Theme off your Christmas list it’s time to move on to the next element that can bring people together: a signature drink. Just because you are not hosting your Christmas party in your home does not mean that all of your party guests cannot indulge in the same delicious treat. There are several ways you can pull this off:

  • Right to their Doorstep: you can place some or all of the ingredients for your signature drink in a package to be delivered to your guests a week before the party. Be sure to include instructions on how to create your drink.


  • Virtual Invitations: when sending invites for your party, include the recipe for your signature drink and encourage everyone to have the ingredients on hand the night of your party.


  • Make them Together: what better way to bring all of your guests together then by kicking off your party with a mini-mixology class. Walk your guests through the steps to make the drink and then watch everyone’s faces as they try the drink for the first time.

If you are feeling really ambitious you can also create a Signature Appetizer for your party that will help to soak up the merriment between refills.

Organize an Activity or Two

One of the more challenging aspects of hosting a virtual Christmas party is figuring out how to keep it going once all of your guests have greeted each other and mingled for a few minutes. There are many ways you can involve your guests together and also create some Christmas magic along the way:

  • Gift Exchange: match up each group of your party with another in a fun Secret Santa that will have everyone feeling like a little kid on Christmas morning. You can also do a cookie exchange in lieu of gifts if your guests have a major sweet tooth.


  • Karaoke: do you have a guest list full of musical marvels? Challenge them to a karaoke-off and watch in wonder as your guests belt out their favorite Christmas tunes.


  • Holiday Trivia: have each group create 5-10 Christmas-related questions and see who in your party has Christmas all wrapped up. Trivia family game nights are also a great idea. 


  • Christmas Pictionary: if you really want to amp up the competition, include a rousing game of Pictionary to your virtual party and watch everyone fight to score the correct answer.
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Create Your Own Magic

Staying at home this holiday season does not mean that the magic of Christmas is gone. It simply means we must find a way to embrace tradition in new and interesting ways.

Virtual parties can offer a better way to get family and friends together who otherwise may not have attended, which can make that time spent with your guests that much sweeter. You can even commemorate this COVID Christmas with a We Survived Coronavirus Ornament. Get out there and start creating your own magical, virtual Christmas.

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