Independence Day Gift Ideas: Remembering 4th of July Heroes – Gift Ideas

Independence day gift ideas

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Where liberty dwells, there is my country – Benjamin Franklin

Independence Day Gift Ideas

Everyone cherishes holidays or celebrations; whether it’s a festival, party, or anniversary. People love to be a part of holiday activities and keep the spirit of it. Sometimes that is with decorations, food, or attire.

4th of July, or Independence Day, is a federal holiday especially dedicated to remembering the Declaration of Independence of the United States and the country gaining independence from Britain.

But unlike any other occasion, the U.S. celebrates Independence Day quite differently.

Fireworks, barbecues, concerts, and parades are just some things that make this holiday special. You will also have a festive excuse to decorate your backyard or home.

Many people use flags and ribbons to decorate or colors such as red, blue, and white to celebrate patriotism.

We can also use some other unique ideas to decorate a year-round tree with our patriotic and military ornaments of our heroes who fought or stood their ground in the fight for freedom. 

Why Are The 4th Of July Heroes So Important?

The Independence Day of a nation is inevitably significant. After it was made the official holiday in 1870, some traditions followed it. These include cookouts, playing games, and other activities. However, some of these traditions date back to the first day of Independence.

Since the traditions of independence bring holiday and festive vibes, it would be appropriate to add some personalized ornaments to the day.

Here are some Independence Day ornaments you could get to commemorate our heroes for this holiday.

“The winds that blow through the wide sky in these mounts, the winds that sweep from Canada to Mexico, from the Pacific to the Atlantic – have always blown on free men.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt



U.S. Army Christmas Ornaments

It is always fun to give or display personalized and appropriate keepsakes, as this gives the essence of thoughtfulness to the person who receives it.

You can get our Army Girl Personalized Ornament to hang on your trees and customize it with a name and years of service.

If you prefer other designs, we have an ornament that is a half-body portrait with Army Girl Military Personalized Ornament and Army Military Soldier Personalized Ornament for guys. We also offer a Soldier Memorial design if you don’t like portraitures.

Army Military Personalized Ornament

U.S. Air Force Ornaments

We won’t forget about our Air Force Military Soldiers, who also keep our skies safe and support our ground personnel. As a result, they play an important role in the defense of our nation. Air Force personnel in and out of service also deserve our maximum honor. And there is no better way to do that than customizing an ornament for them. We have a befitting occasion ornament with a piece displaying an airman saluting. It is a customizable ornament where a name and year can be written.

If you want to use this to honor someone in service or who has served, click here to check out this ornament.

Air Force Military Personalized Ornament

U. S. Marine Ornaments

Marine Corps also served their missions, and many designs can symbolize sea forces like ships, submarines, etc.

But if you are looking for something more personal, we suggest the Marines Military Soldier Ornament or the Marine Personalized Ornament for full body size. You can likewise have the figure of anchor design with the Coastguard logo. 


Marines Military Personalized Ornament

U. S. Navy

Our armed forces wouldn’t be complete without the Navy. You can order a Navy Officer or Navy personnel in color blue or Navy Personalized Ornament in a white uniform.

We also have ones with a flag, anchor, and wheel as a symbol for the U.S. Navy.

Navy Military Personalized Christmas Ornament


Veteran Hero Ornament

This ornament is another piece that could commemorate the heroes of the states. It features an American flag, the word HERO, and a star. You can also customize it by adding a name to it. If you know a veteran hero, you should have this ornament at the top of your list. It matches the Independence occasion and is also perfect for paying honor to the patriots.

Independence day gift ideas

Check this ornament here.

Soldier Memorial Ornament

The people who deserve so much honor for their patriotism and service to the country are the fallen heroes of our military. Their loss of life will always be remembered in the hearts of their friends and families, as well as their surrounding communities. The soldiers who lost their lives during active duty deserve a heartfelt tribute. We have a soldier memorial ornament that would fit well to pay tribute to the fallen heroes.

So, if you have a friend, family, grandparent, or relative lost in battle, Independence Day would be a suitable time to pay honor. And our Memorial Soldier ornament would be the perfect piece. It is customizable with the person’s name and year.

Independence day gift ideas

Click here to check out this ornament.


Army Guy Personalized Ornament

Our Army Guy personalized ornament is another amazing piece that matches the Independence Day celebrations and commemorates our heroes past and present. So, it is the perfect piece for someone currently serving or who has served in the Army. This someone could be a friend, family, or far relation, but you can always put a name to it. That is where the customization feature comes in handy.

Independence day gift ideas

Check out this ornament by clicking here.

Are You Still Struggling with Independence Day Gift Ideas?

You can explore many other ideas to celebrate Independence Day other than an ornament. Like many other occasions, celebrating the 4th of July heroes comes with some traditions. Here are some traditions to try this Independence Day:


Make A Road Trip To The National Mall

You should try this trip if you live close to Washington, DC. The National Mall is usually crowded at this time, but there are unforgettable moments you would be a part of if you are able to visit. The fireworks are breath-taking. Watching planes take off around the monuments are experiences that build amazing moments.


Try Out Some American Games

Independence Day might be the right time to play and watch some popular American games or sports. You could play basketball, volleyball, hockey, or baseball. Alternatively, playing games like Monopoly, Game of Warcraft, or Scrabble can make for enjoyable times.


Don The Red, White, And Blue Colors

You can easily take part in this tradition to celebrate 4th of July heroes. On this day, you can see people wearing red, white, and blue to represent the colors of the American flag. Getting these colors for a friend or family can be one of many other Independence Day gift ideas.


Top Symbols Of Independence

There are a few significant symbols that tell the story of Independence in one way or another. These symbols all carry a meaning that validates their use in America’s independence. So, let’s talk about these symbols:


Liberty Bell: Dates back to 1752 and is an important part of U.S. history. It is a symbol of freedom, and it was also used to promote the abolishment of slavery in the 1800s. Therefore, this bell has remained a strong symbol of freedom and independence.


Bird Of Paradise Flower: The Strelitzia is a symbolic flower representing freedom, independence, immortality, and beauty. Birds are the strongest symbol of freedom, and this flower makes this interpretation valid.


The Stature Of Liberty: Originally, this statue represented the Roman Goddess of Liberty. And, it has been a symbol of freedom and independence for the United States.

Other symbols of freedom and independence are significant to celebrating 4th of July heroes. These symbols can also help you with Independence Day gift ideas. Nevertheless, our ornament ideas may be enough for you. 


Wrapping Up Independence Day Gift Ideas:

Celebrating 4th of July heroes has always been significant to American citizens. Sharing gifts and ornaments is one of the best ways to honor the people who fought for the nation’s freedom. Here we have listed a few Independence Day gift ideas for your 4th of July heroes to make gift-giving easier.

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