We strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction. All of our personalization artists have many years of experience and are extremely talented, which allows us to guarantee that you are extremely satisfied with the end product. Our artists also offer their own personal touch to make your purchase that extra bit special such as a Heart, Snowflake, or a paw print for your four legged friends.

Please browse through our website to see examples of the unique styles that we offer. We have tried to make our order process as simple as possible so please be as detailed as possible when ordering to ensure we make your ornament to your satisfaction. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us, we will do everything we can to ensure your satisfied.

(Please be aware that each member of our staff does have different writing so your product may not match the picture identically but we guarantee you will be equally satisfied. One individual artist will handle your entire order so the style will be the same for your entire order)


I have a long name, how many letters can you fit in the space?

As mentioned above, our artists are extremely talented and have many years experience, you will be surprised what they can fit onto the ornaments. Some of the ornaments allow for more lettering than others so there isn’t a “standard” number for all ornaments. It’s very rare that the length of the name causes a problem. If you have any concerns you could use a shorted version of the name or please contact us with your inquiry.


Do I have to include a year on my order?

No of course not, it is your personal gift we make it how you want it, although we do recommend our customers to include the year. Whether it’s an engagement, wedding, anniversary or a just special gift for your family, friends or loved ones, it’s a unique gift that is captured in time so you can always look back and reflect on that special date.


How do I know what my ornament will look like when it is personalized?

It will look FANTASTIC! Our artists each have several years of experience delivering 100% satisfaction to our customers. We recommend that you browse through our catalogue to see some of the different styles as we provide a sample ornament for each of our products. Your ornament may not look identical to the picture provided as each artist has their own style. Please be as detailed as possible on your personalization request page when ordering. (For example: If you like the “dots” on your letters please specify).


Do I have to use black for personalizing my ornament?

The black ornament pens provide the best, finished article in terms of appearance, sustainability and penmanship. We will however use red or a white paint pen where our artists believe will give the best result. This can be seen throughout the examples in our catalogue. If there is any special request please write it on the personalization request page when ordering.


I misspelled something on my order, can I change it?

It is extremely important that you take the time to review your order before submitting it, checking to make sure everything is spelled correctly and you have provided us with the correct information. Also make sure that you have provided the guidelines for any special requests. If you have submitted an incorrect spelling please contact us immediately. We may be able to change the order before it goes to our shipping department at no extra cost. If you think or know you have made a mistake call us immediately so we can help resolve the mistake.