Finance Tips for Kids: Best Personalized Piggy Bank Ornament

personalized piggy bank ornament

Finance is a very touchy subject for most people, and kids are not exempted. Some parents even feel that kids have no relationship with finance, but this is a wrong approach. Yes, most kids indeed feel money is synonymous with candies, sweets, and biscuits, but this is where you step in. Have you heard of personalized piggy bank ornament? You’ll find out shortly.

It’s your job as a parent to teach them that there’s more to cash than spending. After all, no one ever became rich through spending. Thankfully, we have “savings” to salvage the situation. If you’re wondering how to communicate this message to kids, this is where we come in.

We know that this might be complex for kids to understand, so we’ve taken the initiative to break it to their level of comprehensiveness. At Myornaments, we create the best personalized piggy bank ornament that will blow your socks off. Yes, we bring all the fun into savings. Thus, the subject of finances is now more approachable to kids to lay solid foundations as future money moguls.



Personalized Piggy Bank Ornament: Top Picks

Imagine your kid(s) toasting to the good life. How does it make you feel? I bet you have a large smile plastered across your face—Now pause and capture your smiley grin. Do you want to have this look whenever you think about your child’s finances? I kid you not; this is possible.

With our personalized piggy bank ornament, your kid(s) could stack up millions before you know it. (Okay, maybe not millions but a few hundred bucks. Anyways, it’s a great start.) Eventually, though, all the money saved will amount to something huge. Besides, it’s a plausible way to help your child cultivate the habit of savings from a tender age.

A personalized piggy bank ornament differs from a regular piggy bank and will mean more to your child. The touch of personalization is all it takes to make your child feel possessive about his/ her piggy bank and own up to the responsibility of saving. Even better, the idea of personalization is left to you so you can decide what style (name, motivational message, etc.) best suits your child. All you need do is give the order, and we’ll obey; your wish is our command.

So, let’s give you a glimpse into our piggy bank catalog without further ado.



Bee and Flowers Girls Piggy Bank

Bee and Flower Large Piggy Bank

Click here to view this large cute piggy bank ornament.

This big-size ceramic personalized piggy bank ornament is a good gift for a girl child. Its floral design portrays femininity. The piggy bank is adorable hence a perfect choice for your little daughter, niece, or friend.

You could get this piggy as a random surprise gift or tag it to any event, such as a birthday or Christmas. With her name on it, like in the image above, this gift will make her go gaga.



Basketball Boys Piggy Bank

Click here to see more details on this item.

It’s no secret that teenage boys love sports, and basketball is a prevalent game among them. If your son is an ardent basketball fan, this personalized basketball piggy bank ornament is a great choice.

If he’s interested in being a basketballer, this ornament could motivate him to save for a basketball jersey or sporting gear. This personalized piggy bank ornament will make an amazing birthday gift with the cake beneath it.

Jungle Animals Piggy Bank

Jungle Piggy Bank - Small

Click here to get a better view of this product.

We told you we have piggy bank ornaments for every child at MyOrnament. This piggy bank is suitable for young children of both genders or newborns. This ornament is a splendid option for young children who love nature and wildlife. But for newborns, it’s cute to ogle at, and it will familiarize them with animals.

Thus, you can kill two big birds with a stone by purchasing this personalized piggy bank ornament. Don’t let it pass you by!



Princess Girls Piggy Bank

Princess Piggy Bank - Large

Click here to shop for this beauty.

Girls always find princess tales and fairy tales enchanting, so we at MyOrnament created a piggy bank with this theme. It’s beautiful, right? There’s no little girl who can resist the charm of this cute ornament. We know that having this princess-themed personalized piggy bank ornament will satisfy your daughter’s desires.

So, why not get this piggy bank ornament for your daughter and make her feel every bit like the princess she is? She will be a wealthy princess ready to rule her empire in no time!



Personalized Piggy Bank Ornament Finance Tips Kids

Our personalized piggy bank ornament caters to different ranges of kids. At MyOrnament, we offer piggy banks for newborns, young children, teens, and even college kids. There are also two sizes (big and small) to suit your requirements. The piggy banks come with beautiful packaging and several themes suitable for both genders.

The art and decor of the personalized piggy bank ornament will endear your child to it and harness the culture of saving. As we say, “a penny saved is a penny earned.” So, let’s delve into fun finance tips on how to save and grow your pennies to a valuable stash.



Save More Than You Spend

If you help your kids cultivate control when it comes to spending, it will be easier to save. So, for every dollar spent, one should go to the piggy bank. Hence, a child’s spending should be equivalent to savings. That’s a smart money ideology.



A Penny a Day Keeps Emergencies at Bay

Teach your kids the importance of saving daily. It’s helpful if they can ensure to drop a specified amount of money into the piggy daily. It doesn’t need to be a large amount; the message here is that consistency is the key. With consistent financial habits, money will grow quickly.

So, in an emergency, your child’s personalized piggy bank ornament will come to the rescue! Piggy to the rescue; now that’s something we want to see.



Select the D-day

You must explain to your child the significance and importance of a piggy bank. Let him/ her know that this mini bank doesn’t accept speedy over-the-counter withdrawals except in emergencies. So, they’ve got to draw up rules and determine when to cash the stash.

If it’s a yearly saving, consider Christmas or a birthday as the time to break the bank. However, even after accessing the savings, your child should know better than to spend it in a flimsy manner. The rule of spend some and save some still applies.



Save Regularly

Saving daily is a part of saving regularly, but it goes beyond that. Other than the daily sums of money, saving from cash gifts should always be a habit. Children are prone to getting many cash gifts from uncles, aunts, grandparents, and other relatives. If your child learns to save from this extra unexpected cash inflow, the act will produce a massively pleasing result.

Get your kid(s) a personalized piggy bag ornament so they can experience the fun of amassing wealth. It should be a very easy task for your child/ children to save since they have zero to no personal expenses.

So, you must encourage them to make good use of their personalized piggy bank ornament. Apart from being amazed by the result of their effort, they’ll love the air of confidence they’ll derive from knowing that they’re rich.



Benefits of a Personalized Piggy Bank Ornament

All the hype around our personalized piggy bank ornament would be useless if it isn’t beneficial. So, let’s give a brief rundown of what your kid(s) stand to gain from owning one.

  • It helps simplify savings in a way your kids can grasp.
  • It’s a great tool for cultivating smart money habits.
  • It introduces fun and excitement into savings.
  • The designs of our piggy banks are beautiful and relatable for kids of both genders and all ages.
  • Charity begins at home, so this is an impressive manner of helping your kid(s) build their net worth from an early age.
  • Personalized piggy banks aid your children in saving for projects.
  • It helps to build a strong financial portfolio.
  • It provides funds for special or specific needs/ goals.
  • It’s educational since it teaches children the value of saving firsthand.

So, what’s your reason for not getting your child a personalized piggy bank ornament from us?




Saving is as important for kids as it is for adults. It helps them build their finances and amass economic value. To make this even simpler and more understandable, we at MyOrnament create a vast array of personalized piggy bank ornaments for kids.

Get one for your child to instill financial values at a young age. There are many designs and personalization options that your kids are bound to love. So, get a personalized piggy bank ornament today and watch your kid(s) build their future.


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