Personalized Thank You Gifts: I Have That Village. I Am Grateful.

Personalized sandals and starfish ornament

“I have that village. I am grateful” has played in my mind as I revisit my current life circumstances and some of the people who have guided me through. I think about the keepsakes I would choose for them as personalized thank you gifts.This may be a little sappy, but hang in there until the end, would ya’?

Personalized Thank You Gifts for My Friend Village:

I’m thinking of those close pals I can count on in a moment’s notice for a gentle ear or a quick walk with our puppy dogs. Maybe it is also the friend who calls me as I’m leaving work to say “You know it’s Tuesday. Let’s grab some tacos at our favorite spot.” Of course, we split the guacamole and maybe splurge with a sangria. The conversation is light, then heavy, then full of giggles, and even silence. It is about the time spent. In the same space. Sharing life. Personalized thank you gifts are endless, but let’s start with a margarita ornament and a bff ornament. Oh, wait! Let’s not forget the customized Jack Russell keepsake.

Girls Night Our Personalized OrnamentJack Russell Personalized Ornament



Personalized Taco CouplePersonalized Arts and Crafts Ornament

Personalized Thank You Gifts for My Work Village:

You may have read before that we start each day in our ornament warehouse with a simple question: “What brought you joy since I saw you last?” I am thankful for this time and for our Holiday Traditions/My Ornament team. Some mornings there are tears, as we remember Mother’s Day gifts and aging parents. Other times, the laughter is contagious as SJ sets big boundaries about coloring within the lines and protecting her new crayons. Our arts and crafts ornament is totally for her. Of course, we will let her do her own personalizing.

When part of the village is missing, we know it. Sometimes it is because of an extended Italian family vacation or a 4 month trek across the country in an RV. Maybe it’s the dozens of temporary co-workers who return to the warehouse each season to process keepsakes for Christmas trees all over North America. While not with us in person, their presence is felt as a loss with happy memories. We anticipate their return and exciting stories. My thank you gifts for these pals would be a tea cup ornament, a personalized couple in a motorhome keepsake, and “World’s Best Boss” ornament. We’ll leave that up to the masses to decide who will receive them. (Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook for more about “Where Goes the Os?” in their RV this summer.

Personalized Love in Italy OrnamentPersonalized RV Couple Ornament

Gifts for My Family Village:

There are more somber personalized thank you gifts. For instance, I consider our engraved memorial heart as I recall whispering “thanks…for everything” to an ailing family member before leaving him 1200 miles away from home for what may be the last time we are together. These are tangible objects that keep loved ones even closer than our memories sometimes. Yes, my heart breaks as life takes an unexpected turn, regardless of how prepared or unprepared I am for it to happen.

Personalized Memorial Heart Ornament


At times, our customers give me hope with their purchases of personalized thank you gifts, too. This week, we received a special assignment for a group of “Framily Vacation” ornaments as a group of friends celebrated their 10 years as a family of friends who gather together once a year to share time. This year they met at nearby Anna Maria Island Beach. How special! Our handwriting genius was all smiles when I shared the news of a 5 star review for her efforts with her and our entire team.

Personalized Beach Gate OrnamentPersonalized Flip Flop Ornament

And, then there’s my son. With Mother’s Day just finishing, I think of all the personalized thank you gifts we have for moms-to-be, single moms, moms, grandmoms, and great-great moms. And yes, even soccer moms. I treasure the keepsakes he’s made for me as personalized thank you gifts over the years, but also know the value of an engraved “Best Mom” ornament . Nothing can compare to time spent with him as I listen intently to how his life is unfolding. I see him in his nursing scrubs after administering care for 12 hours to strangers and finishing 6 day weeks of school, and yet, still taking time for me. I am, indeed, grateful.

Personalized Soccer Mom OrnamentPersonalized Nursing Guy Ornament

More Personalized Thank You Gifts for My Village:

Lastly, this week I celebrate the birthdays of two special friends who mean the world to me. One who popped into my life just a few years ago and never left. She takes my calls, sends silly texts, loves cows. She will share a pizza and hunker down in my home during a hurricane or to watch my dog in an emergency. Turn on the music, and wow, she is dancing! You bet, I am thankful for her and the fact that we found one another at just the right moment under the strangest of circumstances. Life can be funny that way.

And then, there’s my community friend turned bestie. Raw conversations, business, trust, and silliness. Her presence matters to me and gifts me more than I could ever repay. She’s there when I need her, and comfortable. My personalized thank you gift to her? How about some customized flip flops? I think they fit!

Personalized Cow OrnamentPersonalized dance Girl Ornament

In Closing:

My friends, this is my story and I share it with you in hope. Our available inventory of more than 1500 ornaments can help you write your own story and give you keepsake ideas as personalized thank you gifts for those most dear to you. Give it some thought. Get creative. Share joy! We’re here to help if you need some ideas. These little keepsakes help celebrate all the tiny and big moments. Bring someone a smile and gratitude today, often when they are least expecting it. I am grateful for the silliness, friendship, laughter, tears, and also for you, our customers. For the joy I see you sharing with those you love, each and every day. I thank you.

Dear reader: I ask you…What brings you joy? Which special person came to mind when you read this blog about personalized thank you gifts? Do you wear flip flops? When was the last time you enjoyed fresh guacamole? Please, grab a cup of tea, log in and share your thoughts…SunnyGirl

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