Ballerina Dress Personalized Ornament

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  • FREE Personalization – add names, year, etc!
  • Measures 3.0″ x 5.0″
  • Comes with ribbon loop for hanging on your tree
  • This adorable Christmas ornament is perfect gift for a dance girl!
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Ballet-Inspired Beauty

This holiday season, decorate your tree with the ballerina dress personalized ornament. This ornament captures ballet’s elegance and adds a personal touch. Whether you’re a professional dancer or just a fan of the arts, this piece is beautiful and graceful.

  • Decorate your tree with the ballerina dress personalized ornament.
  • Perfectly crafted to capture ballet’s elegance.
  • Offers an additional personal touch to your holiday decorations.
  • Perfect for dancers and art enthusiasts.
  • Serves as a testament to grace and beauty.

Personalized Just for You

In addition, this ornament’s true beauty lies in its personalization. Your name or date engraved on it symbolizes ballet’s art but also the memories and milestones you cherish. The moments that made your year special will come to mind every time you look at it.

  • With personalization, the ornament takes on a whole new meaning.
  • Choose a name or significant date to engrave.
  • Represents cherished memories and the art of ballet.
  • Keeps special moments and milestones in mind.

A Gift Worth Giving

Looking for the right gift? The ballerina dress personalized ornament is ideal. The sheer beauty of the design combined with the personalized touch ensures it’s not just another ornament. It’s a keepsake. Gift it to a friend, family, or fellow dancer, and watch their eyes light up in appreciation.

  • An ideal gift choice for the holiday season.
  • A personalized touch to sheer beauty and design.
  • It stands out as a treasured keepsake rather than an ornament.
  • A great gift for friends, family, or dancers.
  • It’s guaranteed to make the recipient’s eyes light up.

We’ve got a unique weightlifting personalized ornament that’s sure to brighten up your holiday decor. A perfect combination of holiday spirit and personal achievement, it’s made just for fitness lovers. This season, make your tree stand out with a touch of personalization.

Don’t forget to hang it high, so everyone can admire your impressive strength!


Weight 1.2 oz
Dimensions 3 × 5 in



Product FAQs
Can you add emojis? No sorry we cannot personalize emojis. Can I modify the ornament? Alterations to ornament appearance and design, such as color of hair, dog or clothing, cannot be made.