Snowman Family of 4 Christmas Ornament

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  • Premium Quality: Crafted from durable polyresin.
  • Dimensions: Measures  5.0″ x 3.25″
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Snowman Sentiments: Cherishing Moments

Whether it’s for Christmas or any time of the year, this snowman family of 4 ornaments is perfect. It’s more than just a decoration. It’s a reflection of heartwarming moments. Each detail of this ornament brings back fond memories in addition to the creation of new ones, creating an heirloom that can be passed down for generations.

  • Snowman family of 4 christmas ornament: More than just a decoration.
  • Reflection on heartwarming moments with loved ones.
  • Fond memories are created by delicate details.
  • A cherished heirloom for generations.

Family First: An Ornament That Tells a Story

Every family has its own story, and this ornament captures it perfectly. The snowman family is made up of four members, each with their own features and personality. In addition, it’s handcrafted so you’ll remember it forever. Hang it on your tree and watch it become a conversation starter, evoking tales of winter fun.

  • The ornament encapsulates every family’s unique story.
  • Snowmen have unique features and characters.
  • Craftsmanship ensures a lasting impression.
  • Perfect conversation starter evoking tales of winter fun and family gatherings.

A Perfect Gift: Spread the Joy

Are you looking for a memorable gift for friends or family? You’re going to love this ornament. It’s fun to give something that symbolizes love, unity, and the festive spirit as Christmas approaches. Considering its universal appeal, it’s great for almost anyone – your neighbor, colleague, or cousin.

  • Ideal as a memorable gift for close friends and family.
  • Symbolizes love, unity, and Christmas spirit.
  • It is suitable for neighbors, colleagues, and distant relatives.

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And don’t forget the marshmallows!

Weight 3.6 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3.25 in


Product FAQs
Can you add emojis? No sorry we cannot personalize emojis. Can I modify the ornament? Alterations to ornament appearance and design, such as color of hair, dog or clothing, cannot be made.