7 Unique Gifts to Make Mother’s Day Extra Special

mother's day

Mother’s Day is usually celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year. It’s a happy celebration that signifies how we honor our mothers and mother-figures. Above all, we celebrate the influence of mothers, not just in society but in our lives.

Surely, mothers are often viewed as superwomen because of how they care for their families. Additionally, their unconditional love never falters. They would always be willing to sacrifice themselves wholly for their children, although rarely wanting the recognition for all they do. Although this may be true, we should definitely take some time to offer extra thanks to her.

Mother’s Day traditionally involves gift-giving usually by offering moms a fresh bouquet of flowers, cards, and other gifts. At the same time, a telephone call is also appreciated. After all, it is her special day, right?

Undeniably, we want to make them feel special the best way we can. Whether she lives near us or far away, acknowledging Mother’s day means a great deal to her. So, we rounded up some delightful and unique Mother’s Day gift ideas to dedicate to these special women who raised us well! 

Mom’s Love: 

First, mom’s family comes in all shapes and sizes. Fortunately, we offer many styles of family ornaments suitable for Mother’s Day. All of them can be personalized at no additional charge. Presently, some of our ornaments have customization spaces for up to 15 names!  A number of our treasured Mother’s Day keepsakes even include a dog or a cat. There are many options to choose, but here are a couple to consider:

Hot Tub Family of 5 Personalized Christmas Ornament - Mother's Day

Mom’s Work:

Secondly, moms work at all kinds of jobs. Some are doctors, teachers, or musicians. Other moms are mechanics, pilots, or veterinarians. Some moms take care of everything around the home. We have a huge selection of occupation ornaments to consider as the perfect Mother’s Day treat. Personalize them with her name, a year, or sometimes even a brief message. These can be used as a gift tag and coupled with another present. So, let your creativity soar, and we will take care of the rest!

Doctor Girl Mother's Day

Mom’s Fun on Mother’s Day:

Thirdly, moms like to unwind enjoying all kinds of activities, particularly on their days off from work. Some moms play the piano, golf, or pickleball. Other moms like to draw or make crafts. Still, some like to bake or even gourmet cook with a bottle of fine wine. She is sure to show everyone her ornament and afterwards even hang it in her kitchen  or hobby room. Check out our Hobbies and Sports categories for clever Mother’s Day ornaments to customize for mom. Add her name and maybe a brief message on some styles. Without a doubt, she will love receiving a personalized keepsake just for her. Besides celebrating the activities she enjoys, the personal touch of adding her name or nickname is sure to melt her heart. How special!

Wine Personalized Christmas Ornament Mother's Day

Moms who Travel:

Furthermore, some moms love to travel. We have many ornaments showcasing different destinations, as well as cute luggage ornaments with a customized luggage tag. When an actual luggage option is necessary, this 3-1 Aerocas on wheels by The Little Stork might be an excellent option for her growing family. Not only is this an attractive piece of luggage, but it is also quite handy for transporting necessities for infants and toddlers. It makes navigating an airport while traveling with a small child much easier. In addition, what a great way to keep the car seat clean and tote extra supplies at the same time!   


Little Stork Aerocas Mother's Day Gift       

Moms who Entertain:

Additionally, some moms enjoy entertaining at home. These one-of-a-kind coasters by Red Kestrel can be personalized with her family name and initial. At the present time, they offer three distinct styles of font: Contemporary, Whimsical, and Rustic/Executive which are equally stylish depending on her particular taste . Indeed, these coasters make a special Mother’s Day gift for the mom who loves sharing time with family and guests at home. Not only are they an attractive addition to home decor, but they are also personalized specifically for her. At any rate, she will be thrilled at the thought you put in making your selection, as well as the added bonus of seeing the custom engraving. At last, the perfect gift!

Mother's Day Custom Coasters


Mother’s Day Pregnancy and Expecting Holiday Ornaments

Who says you can only gift holiday-themed presents during the holidays? Do not forget to honor eager mothers-to-be with these Christmas and all year long keepsakes!

We have a delightful selection of personalized ornaments that are perfect gifts to commemorate an exciting time for soon to be mothers! In addition, ornaments can be enjoyed before displaying on a Christmas tree. Another possibility is to hang ornaments on walls around the home, especially in the nursery. Undoubtedly, custom ornaments make timeless and personal gifts that are treasured.  They are great as gift tags or used in conjunction with other presents. In a word, priceless!

Expecting Mom Personalized Christmas Ornament Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Reminders:

Lastly, Mother’s Day may come around once each year, but each mom is unique and special every day. Remember her with a handmade card and a token of your appreciation. Certainly, she will smile at your kindness. Unfortunately, some moms are no longer with us. As a result, this holiday can be a difficult one for those who miss her. Sometimes, personalizing a memorial ornament with her name is a treasured keepsake for those remembering the joy she brought to them, but we know that nothing will ever take her place. Regardless, sometimes honoring her life in this way brings us comfort.

Memorial Ornament - Love Keeps Us Close RIP Personalized Christmas Ornament for Tree - Mother's Day Gift

In conclusion, no matter the material gift, we are sure these superwomen in our lives would be happy and grateful for just the love we share back to them. But, a sweet thought and a sentimental gift chosen specifically for them will certainly bring a smile. Therefore, browse our website today and customize something truly unique and heartfelt! After all, isn’t she worth it?




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