Summers in the Poconos: 9 Outside-the-Box Gift Ideas

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Our large selection of personalized outdoor ornament gifts reminds me that there is something special about being in the mountains during the summer months. The air is crisp, the trees are in full greenery, and the presence of wildlife is plentiful.  I have had the good fortune over the last few decades of spending memorable times with family in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.  While I will not be able to travel there this summer, I find myself reminiscing about some special visits. Our customized outdoor ornaments are some of the best outdoor gift ideas to remember those times. Additionally, some are perfect treasures to display on a wall all year long.

Lake Cabin Ornament Outdoor GiftFishing Boat Ornament


Arriving at the Cabin Outdoor Gifts:

I can still hear my feet crunching down on the driveway gravel, as I walk quickly beside the babbling brook on the way to the cabin. Without a doubt, I cannot wait to go inside. Our lake cabin ornament reminds me of the pond behind this rustic home where my small son stood wearing a life jacket while learning to fish.  I have an unnecessary photo of that day because the memory of his ear to ear smile is happily stuck in my mind. There is a large rock named after the family in the middle of the pond. Traveling to it by blow up raft, kayak, or canoe is the stuff night time dreams are made of.

Food Tastes Better in the Mountains:

Instantly, my thoughts quickly go to snacks and a hollowed out pumpernickel bread round loaded with spinach dip. It is a must eat for the weekend, along with burgers and big breakfasts. The scent of bacon is clear and real. I hesitate to decide whether or not I am ready to leave the cozy comfort of the loft room. I anticipate the cool evenings and my family gathering around the kitchen table to play games like Trivia Pursuit, Scrabble, and UNO. There is joy, conversation, and laughter as we come together to share time and life. And, food. It is treasured.

Kayak Personalized Christmas Ornament Outdoor Gift

Game Night Family of 5 Personalized Ornament


Unwinding with Family Outdoor Gifts:

A few years back, I took a walk with a special someone along the paths and roads near the cabin. We were fully engrossed in our conversation. Fortunately, and just in the nick of time, we saw a large, black bear ambling near us. With quick confidence, we climbed the stairs to an unknown cabin and knocked on the door for help. Eventually the bear moved on with no issue, and so did we. Certainly, our bear family ornament reminds me of that moment. It was definitely one for the record books! Phew!

More Ways to Connect:

Those walks happened throughout the days with different family members, as we came together to reconnect and create new memories. While some of our growing family took naps, others went to play golf or tennis. In the evenings, we gathered back together with stories of the day. Then, our talented grill guy would treat us to yummy chicken or burgers from the back deck. The moon. The lightning bugs. Okay, even the mosquitos. Ahh, the great outdoors!

Golf Cart Personalized Christmas OrnamentBlack Bear Tree Family of 9 Personalized Christmas Ornament - Blank

More Outdoor Gifts for Outdoor Lovers:

As the years went by, we gained four sets of little feet who went to visit Camp Grandmom and Pop for a few days each summer in the Poconos. The memories they have made swimming at the “beach”, floating in the pool, going off the high dive, and fishing will be treasured forever. Our hiking and firepit outdoor ornaments remind me of these times, too. These are the moments that matter. These moments are life-changing. All too soon, these little feet will be finishing up middle and high school, much like their parents were doing when I made my first visit to this special place many years ago. The years have passed swiftly by, but the memories of the times, smells, and laughter remain. Nothing can change that. Nothing at all.

Personalized Fire Pit Family of 6 Christmas Ornament

Location, Location, Location:

Finally, our personalized outdoor ornaments are great gifts for outdoor lovers. Maybe your family likes to camp in the woods or stay in an RV. Perhaps you have or have visited a quiet cabin in the woods that brings you back to center, to home, to family. Summertime in the Pocono Mountains has been just that for me, and for my family that has come after. Also, our personalized keepsakes are wonderful outdoor Christmas gifts to hang proudly on the Christmas tree each year. The scent of pine, the chilly air, the sound of a woodpecker, and the warmth in my heart remind me of what is important, and what has always been so. Commemorate the joy of a summer visit to the mountains with memorable outdoor Christmas gifts by shopping for our personalized outdoor ornaments today. Without a doubt, you and your loved ones will be glad you did!

Camping Tent OrnamentRV Couple VW Bus Personalized Christmas Ornament

In Conclusion:

Dear reader, I ask you: Have you ever been to the Pocono Mountains? Have you ever enjoyed a great big glob of spinach dip? When was the last time you played a board game with a small child? Please, grab a cup of tea, log in, and share your comments in the “Sitting and Sharing with Sunny Girl” section below:


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  1. kmvog1630 says:

    What a wonderful post! It certainly brings back all the “feels” of summertime fun in the mountains…and some great gift ideas.

    • HTCustomerService says:

      Thank you, Kmvog. I am glad you found it a worthwhile read. Sometimes the simplest times are the ones that impact us the most. I hope it resonates with you on some level and reminds you of special times in your own life. I appreciate you taking the time to read and reflect. –SunnyGirl

  2. kathlyn916 says:

    I truly enjoyed reading this story so much. I follow you on Facebook and look forward to reading your new blog life stories. Keep ‘em comin’……

    • HTCustomerService says:

      Hi Kathlyn,

      Thank you for taking the time to log in and leave a comment. As a family-owned, small business, your support certainly means a great deal. Glad to know you see us on Facebook as well. New blogs typically come out once a week; some are story-driven, while others offer products and specials as a balance. Stay tuned for more…SunnyGirl

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