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Your precious cat or cats are a member of the family, so why not celebrate them as you would anyone else in your immediate family?  Visit our More Kitty Keepsakes section to personalize one of gorgeous miscellaneous cat ornaments.  Each of our high quality ornaments is personalized to your specifications by one of our trained artists. Place your cat’s name, nickname, the year, or a special message on your ornament.  Not sure of the breed?  No worries. We have you covered with our variety of miscellaneous pet ornaments, such as stockings, photo frames, and candy canes.  

Kitty Kats are Family:

Cats are special members of the family. We smile when we see them stretched out in the window soaking up the warmth of the sun. They love to play with balls of string and climb up kitty kat condos. It is amazing to watch them as they walk slyly across ledges and leap from sofa to chair without incident. They are cozy comfort after a long day and often prefer to nestle in our lap. We are frequently reminded of the love a pet offers to our family. Certainly, personalized cat ornaments with their name will be a wonderful addition to a holiday tree.

Our cat ornaments are made of sturdy materials and then carefully personalized to become a treasure that will last a lifetime. They make wonderful gift tags when attached to a special present for a fellow cat lover. Imagine the joy on the face of a friend when they receive something so sentimental as a gift from you. Surely, they will be filled with gratitude and think of you whenever they see it hanging on their wall or tree. Need help selecting the perfect keepsake? Just ask us! We have personalized more than a million quality ornaments over nearly two decades in the business. We will help you find a custom treasure to last a lifetime.