Product Information


We work very hard all year to ensure you have the best selection of the newest and most popular ornaments. We don’t claim to have the most ornaments…we claim to have the best ornaments with the best personalization and customer service! Many of the ornaments that do not sell or that are being retired are put on sale to make room for new designs. If there is something specific your looking for contact our customer service and we will be happy to help.


How often do you get new merchandise?

It all depends! We are constantly getting merchandise in throughout the year as various suppliers deliver the new designs. We try very hard to get them uploaded within a week.


Do you have everything online in stock?

Yes, for the most part we usually have everything in stock. We carry a huge supply of ornaments in our warehouse and are replenishing weekly. However from time to time we sometimes do run out if our suppliers no longer have additional stock. We will contact you immediately should this situation arise.


Can I buy your ornaments or piggy banks in a store?

It depends is the short answer. We have various retail locations throughout the United States on a seasonal basis. Please contact us if you are interested in visiting on of our stores.


How many different ornaments do you carry?

We love this question! We carry a huge variety of NEW and BEAUTIFUL ornaments. Yes there are websites out there with 5000+ ornaments, and many more choices. However we believe we have the best ornaments and best selection for current trends and styles. We don’t carry old ornaments that don’t sell just to have a larger selection. We strive to provide our customers with the most choice while ensuring each one is new and adorable.