4 Ways to Use Ornaments in Your Home

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Creative Ways To Use Your Christmas Ornaments

With each year that passes, our ornament collection seems to grow. Gifts from friends and family, milestones such as weddings and babies and the fun knick-knacks we pick up along the way. As Christmas approaches and you pull out your collections to start decorating, you may wonder if there are other ways you can put those ornaments to use?

When your tree runs out of space, here are 4 great ways to use ornaments in your home!

Make a Christmas Wreath

Wreaths adorn most doors during the holidays because they allow for endless creativity and can capture the mood of any holiday or season. Wreaths can be put together with any materials you have in your home or you can pick up some affordable supplies at your local craft store. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Celebrate Your Children: as your children grow up, you may collect ornaments that celebrate their birth, their interests and any big milestones they may achieve. Why not create a wreath that celebrates them all in one place? Choose their favorite color to add accent decorations and then place the ornaments you have for them, such as Baby’s First Christmas or an ornament that celebrates their interests, such as Baseball.
  • Remember a Favorite Vacation: just because it’s Christmas and there may be snow on the ground does not mean you can’t celebrate a trip that included sandy beaches and warmer climates. Display your ornaments from your favorite Beach Vacation or perhaps a trip to London. This is also a great way to incorporate any souvenirs you picked up that are collecting dust on your shelves.
  • Honor Your Occupation: are you passionate about your job? The why not create a wreath that celebrates your career and what you love most about it! Whether you are a Chef, a Fire Fighter or Veterinarian you can create the perfect wreath to highlight your profession in a fun and festive way.

Create Garlands for Your Doors and Windows

Often when we think of Christmas garlands, we picture the fake green pine needle ones that we can buy in any local store. While these can add to any décor you place in your home, they can be boring on their own. Why not jazz them up with some of your excess ornaments?

To begin creating your homemade garland, you will first need a base to attach your ornaments to. Why not try:

  • Old Bike Chains
  • Spare Rope
  • Unused Scarves
  • Old Garlands or Tinsel Garlands
  • Leftover Pieces of Wood

Christmas Garland Holiday Traditions MyOrnament

Once you have your base established, it’s time to start adding your ornaments! You can either pick a theme or simply add a mix of ornaments to create a fun collage of Christmas memories. You can decorate around your ornaments by using:

  • Greenery
  • Beads
  • Lights
  • Pinecones
  • Fake Snow

The combination of old and new will renew your holiday spirit and infuse tradition and comfort into your holiday.

Create Personalized Napkin Rings

As the holidays draw closer you may be caught up in planning your perfect Christmas party. You’ve planned your menu, decorated your home and invited your guests. But how can you add that special touch that will warm the hearts of your guests? Create personalized Napkin Rings!

All you need to create this magical accent to your table is a napkin ring, your ornaments and some ribbon. Roll your crisp napkins up and loosely tie them with your ribbon. Then you can tie another piece of ribbon to your ornament and attach it to the ribbon around your napkin and voila! A heartfelt, personalized gift for your guests that they can treasure for years to come.

Personalized Christmas Ornament Nakin Rings Holiday Traditions MyOrnament

The best thing about using ornaments in your table setting is you can personalize them for each of your guests. Are grandma and grandpa coming to dinner? Why not customize a Grandkids Hearts ornament with all of their favorite littles? Do you have a niece or nephew returning home from the military? A customized Military Ornament will be sure to honor their commitment in the sweetest way.

Make the Broken Ones Beautiful Again

How many of us have opened our decoration boxes only to find they are filled with broken lights and ornaments? This is a common problem most will have, especially as boxes get pushed and shoved in storage throughout the years. But those broken decorations don’t have to go straight to the trash. Instead, let’s use them to create new and beautiful decorations for our homes.

Mosaic Christmas Personalized Ornaments Holiday Traditions MyOrnament

  • Make a New Ornament: take the broken pieces of lights or ornaments and place them in a Ziploc bag. Bang pieces with a hammer until the desired size is reached. Fill a clear ball ornament, vase or flower pot with mod podge and dump in your broken pieces. Shake your container until all sides are coated. Display your new decoration either on your tree or your mantel for a customized look.
  • Create a Christmas Mosaic: we have all seen the stepping stone kits in the stores, so why not make your own using your broken ornaments? Mix up your base and press into the desired shape of your mosaic. The go to town on adding pieces of broken ornaments until you create the perfect picture. This is even a great activity to include your kids in! Once they are complete, you can place your mosaics in your garden, on your mantle or even by your front door to welcome your guests.
  • Make Your Very Own Christmas Jewelry: if you have a beloved ornament that you aren’t ready to let go of but it can no longer hang on your tree, why not turn it into jewelry? All you need to create this one-of-a-kind look is something to glue your ornament to, such as a piece of wood, pendant or piece of metal, some string and a clasp. Not only will your jewelry be unique but it’s a guaranteed conversation starter at your next party or get-together.

Find Your Own Creative Inspiration

The beauty of the holiday season is you can use your decorations in any way you can imagine around your home. Whether you create wreaths and garlands or repurpose your ornaments into jewelry or pieces of art, every touch of Christmas magic you add to your home will help you to feel that holiday spirit more each day. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas for your ornaments, you just might find that you create your own new traditions your family can carry with them for years to come.

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