Personalized Wedding Ornaments: Best Gift for Bride and Groom

Personalized Wedding Ornaments

A wedding is among the greatest moments of a couple’s life. Moreover, wedding celebrations are usually the start of possibly a great and happy family. Therefore, sending various personalized wedding ornaments for your families, friends, or loved ones looking to tie the knot would be amazing.

Choosing a nice personalized gift for the bride and groom could be difficult. Even if you know the couple so well, having an idea of the perfect wedding ornament would be crucial. We will discuss 10 ideas for personalized wedding gifts you should consider.



Why Use Personalized Wedding Ornaments?

It is always a nice gesture to take time and customize gifts and ornaments for your closed ones. It makes them feel special and loved. Sharing gifts at a wedding without customizing them specifically for the couple would be nice but taking the extra effort to inscribe their names or photos on them would be special.

So, let us discuss some wedding gift ideas created just for your favorite couple.


I Do Married Personalized Ornament

Reviving the moment she said, “I DO”,  for the newly wedded couple would be one of the best wedding gifts. The ornament consists of a chalkboard held by two couples and three heart symbols underneath them. You can inscribe the couple’s names on each of the hearts and their wedding date on the last one. 

You can go also replace the date with a special message to the couples and with the ribbon loop, you can always make your gift stands out. To get the I do married personalized ornament, CLICK HERE

2. Just Married Wedding Car Personalized Ornament

Another excellent wedding gift idea is a just-married wedding car. You can customize this wedding car with the couple’s name, wedding date, and a special message.

You can also use the vintage wedding car to suggest a honeymoon location to the couple as your special message. A simple message like “Go honeymoon in Vegas” will do the trick. Get this ornament by CLICKING HERE


3. Just Married Beach Personalized Ornament

This wedding gift would be of great use for the couple during date nights at the beach. The ornament consists of a palm tree behind two beach chairs with the couple’s name on each. You can also write a special message on the small board between the chairs and include the wedding date on the heart at the lower part.

The couples might not have thought of a date night at the beach when brainstorming their date night ideas or even celebrating their wedding at the beach, but you could do them the surprise of pulling this off. Get it HERE

4. Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Bells Personalized Ornament

There is nothing more interesting and colorful than celebrating a wedding during Christmas. You can make unification of the two occasions with a Mr and Mrs wedding bells Christmas ornament. The bells signify the Christmas mood and above it is a silver heart where you can inscribe the wedding date or a special message.

You can also inscribe the couple’s names on the bells. This gift would be an elegant but simple art print for your favorite couple. Of course, the wedding decor in the background only makes it better and perfect for the moment. Simply wish the couple a happy married life and merry Christmas with just one beautiful piece of ornament. CLICK HERE to get it now.

5. Snow Wedding 1st Christmas Personalized Ornament

Another piece of the masterpiece that is sure to sweep the newlyweds off their feet is the Snow wedding 1st Christmas ornament. This simple piece of art passes just a message and that is “love”.

The whole scenario takes place in a heart-shaped arch with smaller hearts lined along its edge. Two other hearts are placed above and below the couple which can be used to inscribe their names, and wedding dates, or send a special message.

A personalized 1st Christmas ornament of your favorite couple would be intriguing. Imagine the newly wedded couple seeing a personalized wedding gift that reminds them of the first Christmas they celebrated as a couple. You can also hang it on the Xmas tree using the ribbon loop for better visibility. CLICK HERE to get it now!

6. Snow Wedding Red Personalized Ornament

Here is another snow wedding ornament that presents you with the best and most classical options for personalized wedding ornaments. The hand-painted snow wedding ornament gives more glamour to any Xmas gift better than the one above.

This wedding gift is a great choice as you can also write a personalized message on any of the hearts located above and below the couple. Fair enough, you can also get this gift at the same low cost as any other ornaments on the list. Certainly, it is more than worth it for your favorite couple. CLICK HERE to get this amazing piece now.

personalized wedding ornaments


7. Wedding Attire Personalized Ornament

After the proposal has been accepted, the couple usually chooses attire for the big event. Sending a personalized attire ornament with the names and dates of the wedding is a great way to suggest an outfit to them.

The ornament consists of a white dress and black tux with some layers of pink roses to make it more romantic. In addition, the red heart beneath the tux can carry the wedding date. The couples would find this gift special as they get an idea of the best wedding attire depending on the dress and tux design.

8. Wedding Couple Pink Flowers Personalized Ornament

This gift is another classical piece of personalized wedding ornament. If you have a picture of your favorite couple, make a wedding couple pink flower ornament as a gift. The couple’s names and wedding dates are displayed on the bride’s dress.

You can also decide to add a short but powerful love quote in this space. Personalized wedding gifts like this are not only a loving gesture but affordable.  The best part is that the bride’s tulle is original and not painted like that of other ornaments on the list. Get it by CLICKING HERE now.


9. Wedding Couple Blonde Personalized Ornament

This ornament is the same as the one described above but is made specifically for blonde brides. Let the couple know that the gift is for them by sending them an ornament that shows who they are. It’s also unique and sophisticated and includes a real tulle for the bride.

The bride’s dress can contain all the messages you wish to send to the newlyweds, and don’t forget to include the couple’s names. Along with this gift, you can also choose from our various vacation ornaments to initiate a honeymoon idea from this moment. Get the wedding blonde personalized ornament by clicking HERE

10. Wedding Just Married Personalized Christmas Ornament

A just-married ornament is an amazing idea for personalized wedding ornaments for newlyweds. It’s a great gift for the bride and groom as the romantic pose shown by the ornament reminds them of how exciting their wedding dance was.

This set displays a groom and bride posing in a romantic dance with a white heart that can carry their names. You can also write the wedding date on the groom’s hand and pass more messages on the bride’s dress.  It’s a beautiful way to remember their special day and can be used to reference the wedding dance. CLICK HERE to get the Wedding Just Married Personalized Christmas Ornament now.


Wrapping Up

Personalized wedding ornaments are a great way to commemorate a special day and a wonderful gift for guests at the wedding.

On the other hand, if the wedding is yours, make your unique wedding ornaments to commemorate your special day. You can even make these gifts for your attendants on the big day!

We hope you’ll enjoy our collection of wedding ornaments and have fun shopping on our product pages for custom wedding gift ideas for your newly married couples.


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