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Personalized Pet Ornaments Just for You
First, our family with pets ornaments are perfect for the persnickety shopper looking for a personalized gift that’s thoughtful, tasteful, and cheery! After all, who doesn’t love their pets? Who wouldn’t want to commemorate them on their Christmas tree?! Or, tie they as a gift tag on another present?

Whether you’re a family of two — just you and your pet — or you are a large family with one pet for each person, we’ve got the personalized pet Christmas ornaments you need to ensure your Holiday season is merry, bright, and all-inclusive!
Uniquely Personal Family with Pets Ornaments 
Certainly, gift-giving can be so difficult sometimes. Where a bottle of sparkling wine or a fruitcake seems inappropriate or impersonal, our personalized ornaments with pets provide a truly individualized gift that your recipient will remember — and use — for years to come.

So haul out the holly and put up the tree. It’s time to spread love and cheer with a keepsake that honors the treasured four-legged friends in your life.

Also, get our pet ornaments personalized for yourself or your family and friends. Either way, they provide the satisfaction of knowing that you found a gift that will be treasured for many years. How nice!
Pet Ornaments for Every Occasion
Our personalized family with pets ornaments aren’t relegated only to being used in the Christmas season, or for only Christmas, for that matter. 

Gift them for Valentine’s Day, Hanukkah, or just because! Display them throughout Advent or throughout the year. The choice is yours.

Our personalized Christmas ornaments for pet lovers come in a variety of designs and styles, meaning that every pet lover can appreciate theirs. From the elegant to the whimsical and even the zany, there’s a perfect pet Christmas ornament waiting for you.
Explore All Our Pet Ornaments for Christmas
Finally, check out pet ornaments from our amazing pet selection! Or, explore our family with pet ornaments. We can’t wait for you to receive the purr-fect pet Christmas ornaments personalized to your needs and tastes! You will be glad you did!

Couples Personalized Ornaments

Christmas Couple with Dog Personalized Ornament


Family of 5 Personalized Ornaments

Christmas Family of 5 with Dog Personalized Ornament


Couples Personalized Ornaments

Christmas Couple with Cat Personalized Ornament


Family of 6 Personalized Ornaments

Christmas Family Of 6 With Dog Personalized Ornament


Family with Pets Personalized Ornaments

Pet Add On Ornament


Family with Pets Personalized Ornaments

White Cat Add On Ornament


Family with Pets Personalized Ornaments

Orange Cat Add On Ornament


Custom Family Ornaments With Pets That Are Perfect for You

Whether your family has 2 people or 6 people plus a pet, we have you covered. Our wide selection of family Christmas ornaments with pets has something for everyone. With so many choices available, we are confident you will find something worth remembering. What’s more, many of our styles are not just for Christmas. You can display them all year long!

Personalized Ornaments by Master Artists

Each of our high quality family with pets ornaments is personalized to your specifications by one of our trained and talented artists.

A family ornament with the names of each family member, the date, family name or special message makes the perfect gift. Whether you’re looking for an ornament for a family of 4 with a dog or an ornament for a couple with a cat looking to commemorate the beginning of their family, we’ve got you covered.

Purchase our family ornaments with cats or dogsfor your own family, grandparents, extended family, neighbors, friends, or church members. Regardless of the recipients, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you found a gift that will be treasured for many years. How thoughtful!

Mementos to Treasure

Celebrate the gift of family when you or a loved one place this wonderful keepsake on your Christmas tree each year.

Our ornaments are seasonal and year long reminders of the special people and times in your life. What better way to celebrate those who are unique to you during some of the most magical times of the year than by calling them out by name? Remember to include Fido when counting those who matter to you, so shop for a family ornament with dogs on it today. (If you’re a cat person, you can certainly include your kitty, too!)

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