Celebrating Rainbows – Pride Month Gift Ideas

pride month gift ideas

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“In a world with so much hatred, everyone should be allowed to love.“ – Anonymous

Unexpected friendships are always the best ones; they are the people who are very similar to us or who could be our total opposite.

Sometimes referred to as: “brother from another mother,” “lost twin,” or “soul sisters.” Whatever terms we give to our best friends or whatever we call them, one thing we know is that we are inseparable from them.

If you have a gay BFF, you maybe already know sometimes they are the people you didn’t think you needed. They can be someone you can relate to or just “gets” you. And that is why this post about Pride month gift ideas should not seem strange to you. 

But above all, they are your one-call-away friend. Thinking of what to wear for dinner? They can help you choose what fit is perfect for your every occasion.

There’s a sale at your favorite store? They’ll join you in shopping! Did someone break your heart? They’ll tell you just to find another or hold your hand through a break up..

Having a bad day? They knew even before you told them.

So, keep them forever and give the same energy back they give you by joining their journey and celebrate equality.


So, What Does Pride Month Symbolize? 

The month of June is widely known as ‘Pride month.’ It is a month set aside in acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community. This month is special for spreading awareness, educating people on equality, and also highlighting the issues of the LGBTQ society.

Pride month evolved from the Stonewall riot in 1969 to commemorate the protest and uprising of the community. This protest, held in New York, played a significant role in the civil rights of gay people. 

After this event, the first Pride month was held a year later as an anniversary of the protest. This happened on the 28th of June 1970. Since then, June has been celebrated as Pride month for the LGBTQ society.

Best Pride Month Gift Ideas

As we all know, Pride month is special to the LGBTQ+ community, and it is the best time to show them love with gifts and ornaments. This action would be an amazing gesture to prove their growing acceptance and equality among people in our society.

However, choosing the right gift ideas can be difficult. But we have the best gift ideas to ensure you get the perfect gift for that gay couple, family, or friend.

During Pride Month, here are some unique gift ideas you can give the gay friends in your life.

Sassy Sunflowers

We should remember that loving is learning an individual’s love language; if you’re unfamiliar with these, there are 5. Receiving gifts is just one of them. It’s important to take note to ensure the relationship isn’t self-centered.

You must be familiar with how your partner or friend expresses their love. If you’re shy, you won’t just say “I love you” directly.

Don’t forget that there are various ways to show them that you care, just like giving them a flower.

Express your support and love for your LGBTQ+ relative or friend by giving them a “happy” flower, and we’re sure you’ll brighten their day.


“You are Loved” Canvas.

We all know that our gay friends radiate laughter in the group to the point that it feels like something’s missing when they aren’t around.

They serve as our sunshine on cloudy days, but it isn’t always like that. Help them feel appreciated by giving them a canvas that they can hang. Remind them they are loved whenever they feel insecure and remind them that there are always people they can talk to.

Rainbow Personalized Ornament

Nothing is more thoughtful than buying someone a personalized item. It’s like telling them you think they’ll like it, so you got one, or it’s made especially for them.

Gift them this ornament with your friends’ names and their partners’ names on it as a symbol of the love they share.

Encourage them to raise their rainbow flag, which means love sets no boundaries between two people who truly love each other. Click the image below to customize your rainbow ornament.

Love Is Love Gay Personalized Christmas Ornament

Are You Still Struggling for Pride Month Gift Ideas?

We have a selection of various ornaments that cover hunting, fishing, camping, RV’ing, hiking, and much more.

We have you covered. You can shop our Outdoor category for more ideas. Our store covers some of the best gift ideas and ornaments for celebrating rainbows. And each of them comes with a customization feature, which means you can personalize it with names, dates, and even heartfelt messages.

So, are you interested in taking a look at these ornaments? Keep scrolling down for more Pride month gift ideas.

Gay Couple Wedding Ornament

This ornament is perfect for two grooms who have just tied the knot. The ornaments also allow you to add the name of the couples, and this would be a great gesture for any gay couple. This marriage ornament is perfect whether it is for Pride month, the Christmas holidays, or other festive seasons.

pride month gift ideas

So, if you have a gay friend or family that got married, you can get this gift for them. Click here to check out this ornament.


Lesbian Couple Personalized Ornament

A marriage ornament is also available for lesbian couples. This ornament displays two women in wedding dresses alongside their names. Another interesting part is that you can add a date to this ornament. So, it would be nice for couples who are getting married during Pride month. This would be the most befitting Pride month gift idea for your newlywed lesbian couple.

pride month gift ideas

Check out this ornament with a click here.

Rainbow Love Ornament

This symbolic ornament is perfect for celebrating rainbows and Pride month. The ‘Rainbow Love is Love Ornament’ interprets the love between couples and how much they show their stand for fighting for acceptance and equality. You can support your friends in the LGBTQ+ community with this amazing piece. Personalization of this ornament is possible and free. Add the names of your favorite couple to this love-shaped rainbow ornament. They will be glad you did!

pride month gift ideas

Click here to check out this ornament.

There are lots of other gift ideas that you can use to commemorate Pride month.

Brief History Of The Pride Month And Symbol

The Pride symbol is the rainbow which is used to represent LGBTQ+ pride. Artist Gilbert Baker created this symbol. The rainbow flag has since been altered to include colors like black, pink, and other colors to promote diversity. As a result, there are many variations of the flag.

During the riot that turned out to be the start of the revolution for the gay community, there were a few prominent figures in the protest. They include;

Marsha P. Johnson, who was said to be the first person to throw a punch during the infamous police raid, was a black transgender. And she was celebrating her 25th birthday before the event took place.

Another major figure was Sylvia Rivera, an activist who fought for gay rights alongside Marsha. The activist also started a program that catered to homeless LGBTQ+ youths on the streets.

Storme DeLaverie is another LGBTQ+ rights activist that was present at the Stonewall raiding.

How Is Pride Month Celebrated?

Furthermore, you might wonder how best to join your gay friends in celebrating rainbows. Aside from getting them a gift or ornament, four other ways to celebrate this event will appeal to their hearts. They are: marching, spreading awareness, making donations, and sharing a few personalized ornaments with loads of Pride month gift ideas available for you to explore.


Wrapping Up Pride Month Gift Ideas:

Celebrating rainbows comes with giving out great gestures to the gay community around you; they could be your friends, families, and loved ones. Regardless of your relationship with them, you can always find a way to support them.

This article has discussed some of the best Pride month gift ideas and ornaments you can use in celebrating rainbows. We have also talked about how you can participate in the celebrations, and support your gay friends at the same time.

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