Beach Vacation Keepsakes You’ll Treasure

This article “Beach Vacation Keepsakes You’ll Treasure” was updated on 07/23/23

When you think about your beach vacation, what do you remember? The beautiful ocean views? The sand between your toes? Those long walks on the beach with someone special in your life? There are so many beautiful memories that you can create at the beach. But as we all know, vacations end, and it’s time to return home.

That doesn’t mean there is no way to bring a bit of that beach home with you, though! Let these different beach vacation keepsakes inspire you to choose them as souvenirs from the sea. Whether for family, friends, wedding guests, or just something fun for yourself, they will be the perfect way to keep those beautiful memories alive.

Popular Beaches to Visit

When you think of the beach, the first places that come to mind are Florida, California, Hawaii, Mexico, or the Bahamas. However, there are several other top American beaches to try out as they offer a beach vacation experience worth remembering for years to come. For those who want to visit somewhere tropical but not too far away from home, it’s hard to beat Florida.

Florida has so much to offer, from beautiful beaches to trendy shopping districts and Disney World. The weather is perfect for beach vacations, with temperatures averaging between 70-85 degrees. However, New England is worth considering for those who want something more rugged. Of course, with its rocky shores and the chilly waters surrounding them, it’s not for everyone, but if you’re looking for a change in scenery, this might be what you need.

If you’re looking to expand your vacation globally and something different, there’s always Australia, Thailand, South Africa, Greece, or Brazil. Although these global beach destinations might seem unlikely at first glance, some people travel there to experience what they offer.

Top Best Beach Vacation Keepsake Ornaments

A more sentimental beach vacation keepsake is to opt for a personalized Christmas ornament. Each of the beach Christmas ornaments shown here can be personalized with the recipient/s name/s, family name, beach destination, or trip date. Hang your ornament where you will see it every day or hang it on your Christmas tree to enjoy year after year.


Beach Vacation Ornament

Beach vacations are one of the favorite getaway times many indulge in as you enjoy nature in the waves of oceans, sands, cool water, and breeze. You also meet different people, connect, and have fun. What better way to relive those memories than with a beach vacation Christmas ornament with a tag that displays the same beach you visited and the year!

Beach Oasis Vacation Ornament

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Flip-flop Ornament

The fun thing about vacations is that you get free with no restrictions on what you wear. So feel free to show off your laid-back vibes with this flip-flop turtle island ornament. Its design of trees, the island, and the turtle gives the vacation vibes and gets you in the best mood. It is a great ornament to remind you of your last visit to an island you loved, and you can hang it on your Christmas tree or attach it to any other place you wish to display it.

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Starfish Ornament

The pastel palette of this starfish ornament reflects the calming feel of any beach vacation. For beach destination weddings, beach Christmas ornaments make perfect gifts for guests to take home as a reminder of their special day. Starfish decor such as this ornament is a trendy personalized Christmas gift for beach lovers who want something they’ll treasure year-round in their homes.

Starfish Beach Personalized Christmas Ornament beach vacation keepsakes

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Family Beach Vacation Keepsake Ornament

The beach family of 5 ornaments are perfect beach vacation keepsakes that remind you of the fun time you spent with the family. Ever looked at a picture, and then memories of it flooded your mind? That’s what these beach personalized ornaments do. So get one for your family and decorate it on the Christmas tree. Moreover, that’s what Christmas is for, remembering sweet moments that warm our hearts.

This beach vacation keepsake isn’t only for families with kids. Young couples can decide to go on beach vacations, and having the beach Adirondack couple ornament with their names on it is a great souvenir. It will be lovely to share fun stories with your partner while relaxing on the beach. And this will look lovely on your Christmas tree or even mirror as a reminder of moments you’ll always treasure.

Beach Chair Family of 5 Personalized Christmas Ornament

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Another family beach ornament is the beach Adirondack family of 3 ornaments. Sharing these fun memories with your young one is refreshing, and family time is always good. So who wouldn’t want souvenirs that remind them of the fun from their last beach vacation? After all, vacations are more fun with company, and what better company to have than your family? So enjoy the view of nature, swim in the sea, and have fun.

Having this ornament will always remind you of those beautiful sceneries and beach moments you shared with your family during that getaway. And what’s more, you can personalize them with each family member’s name, the beach you visited, and the vacation year.

Beach Adirondack Family of 3 Personalized Ornament

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Chill Time Ornament

Many visit the beach alone because they wish to have some chill time, and that’s an excellent way to relax. This chilling-on-the-beach ornament depicts all one has when relaxing and comes with customizable tags to input the vacation year and visited beach.

It is one of the excellent beach vacation keepsakes you’ll treasure as it’ll remind you of the fun you had enjoying your solitude. Its colorful aesthetic will be an excellent addition to home decoration and even your Christmas tree and will look good with bright lights surrounding it.

beach vacation keepsakes

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Beach Bum Ornament

This beach bum ornament is perfect for those friends and relatives who love spending so much time on the beach. If you’re also that person, then this is a great keepsake. It has sunscreen, sunshades, and excellent flip-flops, which is what every beach lover needs. Add this to your ornaments for the following holidays, or gift it to a friend.

Beach Fun in the sand Personalized Christmas Ornament

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Surfing Ornament

You never forget your first wave. This surfing beach vacation keepsakes for the surfer in your life is a perfect reminder of those unforgettable first experiences on the beach. Surf’s up, and so are you! Personalize with a name, location, and date to commemorate your favorite surfer.

This surfing Christmas ornament features three surfboards, so it’s also a great keepsake if you have two other friends you surf it. In addition, looking at the ornament can remind you of some fun escapades you all had.

Personalized surfing ornament



Beach House Ornament

Who doesn’t love to remember their favorite beach house? It’s a perfect spot during summer or other off-season times, and you get to see the beach from your house and the beautiful, peaceful scenery. Perfect for the Christmas tree or to add to your beach house decor, this beach house ornament is a great way to commemorate your favorite memories. This Christmas tree ornament display features a beachfront property with an ocean, palm trees, and sand.

beach vacation keepsakes

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Diver’s Ornament

Many don’t only visit beaches to enjoy the beautiful scenes, meet new people and have fun. Some want to go underneath the water and check out the sea creatures and how beautiful they can be below the sea using scuba diving equipment. If that’s you or a loved one, gift them this personalized scuba diving ornament reflecting their personality and love for adventures below water.

Scuba Diver Personalized Christmas Ornament beach vacation keepsakes
Check out the Scuba Diver Personalized Christmas Ornament here

Cruise Ship Ornament

A cruise ship experience is one thing that makes beach vacations fun, and it’s even beer when you enjoy it with your partner. This cruise ship ornament features a couple leaving/entering the seaport while waving to others on dry land. You can personalize this piece with your and your partner’s name and the year of the vacation trip.

Cruise Couple Personalized Christmas Ornament

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Dolphin Beach Vacation Keepsake

A dolphin is one of those sea creatures you’ll likely see if you go cruising on a ship or diving under the ocean. But what experience have you had with them? Was it fun or scary at first? This dolphin-personalized Christmas ornament is a perfect way to relive those memories, as seeing it will always remind you of it. What better way to celebrate Christmas if not by using beautiful ornaments that hold special memories for us and have significant meanings?

Dolphin Personalized Christmas Ornament beach vacation keepsakes

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Crab Ornaments

Crab ornaments are a great way to relive any memory you’ve had with them at beaches. So often, crabs pinch most people who aren’t too careful when holding them, which can be painful. But remembering the day you escaped being pinched or when a relative ran from seeing a crab are all funny experiences.

And this ornament will remind you of them. It captures the fun of going to beaches with the sand bucket, which is perfect for kids who’d love to build a sand castle. And more, you can customize it with your name and a favorite destination to find these crabs.

Crabs on a Beach Personalized Christmas Ornament

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Married Couple Beach Ornament

Recently wed couples that chose a beach as their vacation/honeymoon spot made the right choice. And many who even chose to wed on the beach deserve this just-married beach ornament.

Just Married Beach Personalized Christmas Ornament

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Flying to Your Beach Destination:

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Vacations only happen occasionally due to busy schedules, but when the time finally does come, no one wants it to end. And it doesn’t have to. With the personalized ornaments from My Ornament, you can keep reminiscing on your vacation experiences and fun moments. These beach vacation keepsakes will last a long time and keep your memories alive.


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