2 Patriotic Ornaments, Military Memorial Keepsakes, and the Lutz Guv’na Race

American Patriotic Family of 3 Personalized Christmas Ornament - Blank

     There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not thankful for my grandparents. As the summer approaches, I am even more so. Memorial Day, Flag Day and the 4th of July hopefully bring out a patriotic spirit in all of us as Americans. Our patriotic ornaments with a family dressed in red, white, and blue always makes me smile when I see it being ordered by a customer. Additionally, there are spaces to add family names and a year. The patriotism ornaments, along with our military, and memorial keepsakes will help me illustrate some reasons why I love the summer holidays. Please, take a moment and continue reading.

American Patriotic Family of 3 Personalized Christmas Ornament - Blank


Patriotic Ornaments and Military Keepsakes:

     My grandfather was a World War II Army Veteran.  He served our country overseas, and while away, my mother was born. I cannot imagine the sacrifice for all of them. I cannot fathom the emotions of missing a new birth, the fear of war, or the loneliness of a briefly started marriage full of hope. It was common then. It is remarkable for me to know that one November a decade ago they celebrated 70 years of marriage. Two wonderful people who saw so much in their lifetime, including men walking on the moon for the first time. They also experienced the evolution of the television, the poverty of the Great Depression, and the invention of the computer.  They were two people who meant the world to me, and yet, who have also given me the world by their sacrifice to our country.  And, they asked for nothing in return.

                                           U.S. Army Girl Personalized Christmas Ornament U.S. Army Personalized Christmas Ornament


Patriotic Ornaments and Life in Small Town America:

     In 2009, I ran for and subsequently won the Lutz Guv’na Race. I am the only Two-timer Guv’na in the history of the race. I won a second time in 2013. Essentially, I raised the most money and bought my way into office. I admit it. Fortunately, that’s part of the job known as bragging rights. I earned them.  All of the monies raised in this race are returned to Lutz community non-profits in the form of grants. Thereafter, groups use the money for baseballs, camping supplies, historic building upkeep, and the list goes on. The Guv’na Race is one of those quirky American pastimes that gives a certain charm to a small community.

     To begin with, the campaign season kicks off with the Guv’na Debate at the Old Lutz School. Candidates earn money through personal talents, childhood games, and silly questions.  Recently, the 2023 Lutz Guv’na Debate took place. Members of the surrounding community came out to get a firsthand look at this year’s candidates.  The candidate who raises the most money from the start of the Guv’na Debate through the end of the July 4th parade is presented with the Key to Lutz. They also receive a Dr. Seuss hat and the coveted Guv’na sash to wear as they please until the following year.  Certainly, it is great fun, impressive community spirit, and all for worthy causes.


Personalized USA Patriotic American Christmas Ornament

Patriotic Groups in our Communities:     

     As the Guv’na of Lutz in 2009, I had the true privilege on a number of Friday afternoons of standing beside the Lutz Patriots. They waved American flags outside the Old Lutz School on Highway 41 in Lutz, FL. They were there every Friday, regardless of the weather or the date.  The Florida summers were hot at 4 pm and even hotter at 6. It was nothing compared to the heat of war, and these folks knew it. They stood there merely as a reminder, so that we may never forget our soldiers who are still away from their families and our country. Unfortunately, after many years of Fridays, the group disbanded as aging members moved on. I will always remember them for their service to the community and to our country.  Without a doubt, I am thankful for it.

Navy Military Personalized Patriotic Christmas Ornament

Marines Ornament

Air Force Military Personalized Ornament

Celebrations and Memorials:

In addition, our patriotic ornaments remind us of the fun of parades, picnics, and the service our military does for our country. The hotdogs, fireworks, and baseball games allow us to come together. We celebrate our nation with family and friends. If you are reading this and have served our country in the military, or have a family member who has, thank you. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. I am mindful of my freedom to write a blog with many comforts that other people around the world may never know. 

Lastly, our memorial ornaments can be gifted in honor of those who serve and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of the rest of us. Our soldier ornaments are often given with sincere and solemn thanks. They make treasured keepsakes for family and friends who have served the United States. As we enjoy our barbecues, time off from work, and picnics, we celebrate the birthday of our nation. We also are reminded of the freedom we enjoy as Americans. Clearly, it is something very special.

American USA Flag Soldier Memorial Personalized Ornament Patriotic

Dear reader, I ask you: What is your favorite barbecue food? Also, do you like baseball? Does your small town do something special on Memorial Day to honor our fallen soldiers or for the 4th of July? Please grab a cup of tea and share your comments in the “Sitting and Sharing with Sunny Girl” section below:


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