The Best Place to Find Personalized Family Christmas Ornaments

personalized family Christmas ornaments

One unique factor that marks the festivity of Christmas is the joy, aura, and fun of decorating. You’ll find lights and candles hanging around in squares, streets, walkways, and, most importantly, homes. Another special item in every home is a fir tree filled with various beautiful personalized family Christmas ornaments.

Christmas and ornaments always go hand in hand. At this time when families unite, there’s no better symbolic gift to commemorate the occasion. Personalized family Christmas ornaments are intriguing because they signify milestones, hold memories, and tell stories. They also allow families to bond while hanging them on display.

But, as lovely as personalized Christmas ornaments are, they aren’t easy to get. Also, when you get them, not every Christmas home decor store provides ornaments of superior quality. However, we at  MyOrnament sell high-quality polyresin ornaments and pay attention to every detail while customizing. Thus, this superiority of quality and design makes us the best sellers of personalized family Christmas ornaments.


Categories of Personalized Family Christmas Ornaments

Are you thinking of a special gift to take home to your family for the Christmas holiday? One that will spark up happy memories and conversations? If yes, then what’s stopping you from buying a personalized family Christmas ornament?

At MyOrnament, we offer wonderful personalized family ornaments for this soulful festive period. We will create mind-blowing pieces for family, friends, kids, parents, grandparents, and even the whole family.

All you have to do is select a category and share your design ideas with us to add a unique personal touch.

Read this list to discover some of our best-selling personalized family Christmas ornaments.


Engagement Ring Christmas Ornament

personalized family Christmas ornaments

Do you have anyone who got engaged during Christmas? If you do, our cute engagement ring Christmas ornament will make an amazing gift for them.

This ornament portrays a detailed diamond engagement band to signify love and passion for your Christmas couple. It’s a unique gift to give as it expresses thoughtfulness. There’s no doubt that the recipients will love it, and you’ll be elated to watch their faces light up with smiles.

Above all, you’ll be in their hearts every festive season as they hang this personalized family Christmas ornament on display.


Snow Couples First Christmas Ornament

Christmas is a season of celebration and giving. You can equally celebrate the fact that this is your first time spending Christmas together as one. Alternatively, our snow couple’s first Christmas ornament is a spectacular gift for a new couple.

We took the initiative to make a difference by switching up regular couples with snow couples. This particular ornament captures the essence of Christmas in one picture-perfect moment. Imagine the glow this will add when placed at the top of your fir tree! Anyone that sees it will certainly admit that it’s cute.


Snow Sled Family of 5 Christmas Ornament

Do you have a medium-sized family? We cater to them as well. This snow sled family features snowy characters of a mommy, daddy, and three kids gliding excitedly on a sled. Their snow hats even feature spaces for names with a spot on the sled for any additional symbol.

Indeed, it’s a remarkable present when alone or along with other presents. If you get it for a family, we are sure that they’ll leave it on the countertop or tabletop display even after Christmas is over.


Selfie Family of Five

Selfie Family of 5 Personalized Christmas Ornament

This family ornament depicts a representation of a modern digital age family. Like a part of a classic photo album, we have this cute happy family taking a selfie in their Christmas attire.

This selfie family ornament is one of a kind as it deviates from the traditional celebration mode. Hence, you can see that our designs are flexible enough to incorporate both classic and modern themes.


Mr. and Mrs. First Christmas

Ornaments are great for capturing milestones and “firsts.” They give a rendition of what was and a picture of what is to come. This ornament is a wonderful addition to the Christmas tree to mark a great milestone with your significant other.

It features two lovey-dovey characters in a bear hug representing Mr. and Mrs. Together during this memorable event. We at recognize the significance of this joyous moment and capture it gleefully.

Like all our ornaments, this piece recreates the moment so you can relive it forever. And this is another example to why we are the best place to get personalized family Christmas ornaments.


Grandkids Hearts Family of 5 Christmas Ornament

personalized family Christmas ornaments

Grandparents are usually the most excited about this holiday. However, they don’t always enjoy the delightful season with their grandkids. So, we have come up with a nice way to compensate for the time spent apart. 

Why not send this precious ornament to your grandparents to let them know they’re forever in your heart? Five huggy hearts with a Christmas star to fill their home with love.

Well, the number of hearts can fall between two to nine to represent the exact number of grandkids in the family. We’re sure your grandparents will be teary but happy upon receiving the grandkids’ heart Christmas ornament. Check out all the family sizes on this page.


Christmas Tree Car

Scouting for the perfect Christmas tree is a well-known family tradition. The trip to get a tree features laughter, snowballing, and lots of fun. Thus, capturing this moment with something other than a picture will surely be pleasurable, hence our Christmas tree car.

This special ornament displays the delight of a family hunting an impeccable tree. You can use its beautiful draping ribbon to hang it on the prize (your Christmas tree). What’s more? Personalize it with names, dates, or a Christmas wish.


Green Glitter Tree Family of 8 Christmas Ornaments

We wouldn’t be the best place to buy personalized family Christmas Ornaments if we didn’t offer variety. So, if you want an outstanding ornament, add this item to your cart. It’s a bright green Christmas tree with vibrantly colored bulbs carrying name tags.

The green glitter tree will be the highlight of the season in your home. A leading star at the top of the tree illuminates the entire ornament. You can hang this mini tree on its cute loop and tuck gift boxes beneath the Christmas tree. This ornament is available with space for up to 15 names.


Candy Cane Love Couple Christmas

What’s Christmas without lots of candy and love? Hence, the trinket of a sweet tooth couple wrapped in a candy cane with a snowy heart on Christmas Day. Hang this on your Christmas tree to spread the love and joy the season brings.

We have blossoming ideas for personalized family Christmas ornaments, and this piece is one of them. Feel free to request whatever personalization will make it significant for you by providing names or nicknames to include on the two hearts at the bottom.  With our candy cane love couple, let your home radiate an aura of adorability in this jolly season!


Single Mom with 2 Children Personalized Ornament

personalized family Christmas ornaments

Fill the heart of a single mom with gladness and joy by personalizing this for her. This gift will speak volumes and reassure her that you appreciate her efforts.


Personalized Snowman Family of 12

Have you been wondering where to get personalized family Christmas ornaments that depict extended family? If yes, then rejoice, for your search has come to an end!

We are attentive to detail, including Christmas ornaments for kindred far and near. Our personalized snowman family of 12 can include grandparents, siblings, aunties, uncles, and grandchildren. It’s a perfect take-home gift for a big cozy holiday getaway; 12 jolly snowmen ready to mingle!


Scottish Santa Bagpipes Personalized Ornament

How would you like to have Santa Claus hanging off your Christmas tree? But this time, Santa comes with a twist! Delight your child or children with this interesting ornament of Santa in Scottish attire.

It represents a distinctive type of fun. And if you’re from Scotland, this personalized ornament will familiarize your child with your native culture. Altogether, it’s a perfect ornament for Christmas fun.

The items on this list represent the tip of the iceberg. For the full catalog, click here to see and shop.


What Makes us the Best Place to Get Personalized Family Christmas Ornaments?

An ornament should uniquely capture fond memories, Mark milestones, depict emotions and recreate festive periods. These factors can only be achieved by a skilled craftsman with a passionate flair for the creative. And these are qualities that all members of our team possess.

We pay attention to detail to ensure that each handcrafted piece passes a unique message and a shared bond of love. When shopping with us, you’ll find amazing baubles to gift your loved ones, family, and friends.

There are equally wholesome varieties of personalized family Christmas ornaments to suit each receiver. We have trinkets for families of two, up to fifteen! There are also other significant ornamental embellishments at your disposal.

Furthermore, we take quality very seriously. All the ornaments in our collection are made with the best quality polyresin. Therefore, you can rest assured of their beauty and strength. The superiority of quality points to the fact that our ornaments will outlast several Christmases and be on display for a long time.

As for price, we match affordability to quality. Hence, you can get personalized family Christmas ornaments for as low as $14.97. Very cheap, right? No other home decor store does it like us.



We are passionate about what we do; hence we put our all into creating fabulous ornaments to make families smile. So, for your family or one you hold dear, peruse our categories and make your pick. With us, your family will receive a delightful package that will be nothing short of the best.


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