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Joy Mantle Ornament

Teamwork: We Can Do It!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted a blog. The physical changes in our new warehouse, along with training seasonal staff and receiving in many new ornaments, have taken front seat in the schedule. Not to mention the increase in our savvy customers who are shopping in advance of the upcoming holidays. In the quiet of the warehouse last evening, the topic of teamwork popped in my head. I thought about the many ways our keepsakes could be considered team personalized ornaments in real life.

Team Personalized Ornaments at Home:

For many of us, one of our most important teams is our family unit. We count on one another for day to day tasks like yard work and cooking meals, but especially for the hugs and comfort a family can bring. Knowing that there is someone in our court makes the longest days easier, and the easiest ones more memorable. This season we’ve added a number of family style ornaments with spaces for up to 15 names.

Joy Mantle Ornament Gardening Personalized Ornament

My personal favorite is the personalized joy mantle ornament, with stockings hung neatly in a row. The family in front of the holiday door is also attractive and captures the close ties that families can have. Our personalized hobby ornaments for gardening and baking make perfect gifts and gift tags for those most special to us who enjoy those types of activities. The personalized family ornaments make great keepsakes to cherish for years to come.

Team Personalized Ornaments for the Office:

The last few months have been busy ones for our family-owned, small business as we moved to a new and significantly larger location. Our business has grown with the help of many supportive customers. We thank you for your part in this opportunity. It has been rewarding to see our staff stepping up to unload boxes of new merchandise, learn new skills, and raise one another up with encouragement. As walls go up to section office space and a kitchen, we are in awe at the skill and long hours of our main Construction Dude. 


  Construction Worker OrnamentLaptop Personalized Ornament

While that is going on,  we’ve certainly marveled at the progress and updates to our new website with the help of our head IT Dude. Many of you have sent notes of praise for what you are experiencing during the ordering process. We value your opinions; keep them coming! Our inventory of trendy professional keepsakes now includes a handyman, personalized business woman ornament, and a variety of  technology and laptop personalized ornaments. Be sure to check out our “New for 2023” tab to find other team personalized ornaments. Team spirit, that is.

Personalized Businesswoman Ornament

Team Personalized Ornaments in our Fun Times:

We absolutely have to acknowledge the teamwork we see during fun times in the fall. We now offer some amazing personalized band ornaments, soccer field keepsakes, and new volleyball customized ornaments. Clearly my niece K deserves one of these as she challenges herself to improve her serves and cheer on her team-mates. These keepsakes make great gifts for coaches, as well as players. They are not only Christmas ornaments. Consider them as year long reminders of the value of teamwork and good sportsmanship. Team personalized ornaments make perfect decorations for bedroom or office walls.

Band Team Personalized Ornaments Soccer Team Personalized OrnamentsVolleyball Team Personalized OrnamentsFootball Team Personalized Ornaments

Wrapping It Up:

As the holidays quickly approach, teamwork will certainly make life easier. Wrapping gifts, baking cookies in the kitchen, finishing year end office projects, and yes, packing personalized keepsakes will all go better when teamwork plays a part. Thank you for choosing our keepsakes as part of your story and for being part of our ornament team. We truly value one another at Holiday Traditions/MyOrnament.com, and of course, we value you. 

If you need help selecting the perfect keepsake, just ask us. We have personalized more than a million ornaments for happy customers during our nearly two decades in business. Our clever ideas will make your custom gifts special for those you love. We’re here when you need us.

Holiday Door Family Ornament

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