What Is Love? Personalized Ornaments that Celebrate Love

Couple Surprise Personalized Ornament

What Is Love? Personalized Ornaments that Celebrate Love:

It is February 1st and the beginning of the month of love. I’ve taken a few months off from blogging due to our wonderfully busy Christmas season. (Thank you to all of our customers who personalized ornaments for those most special to them.) Truly, I have missed the writing time and am glad to jump back in with a story about personalized ornaments that celebrate love. However, I must admit the topic is a bit tricky for me at times. What is love? Hmm.

To begin, I do have some ideas about this, but I thought I would ask some random people for their comments. So, I told everyone: “Quick. I am about to ask you a question you need to answer right away without thinking too much. I will use your first thought.” Silly C.H. responded “Whatever the question is, my answer is (famous chain restaurant)”. “No, C.H.”, I said, “The question is ‘What is love?”’ He asked me if I was out of my mind and then responded that “We are put on earth to find that answer.” Hmm. Very philosophical. His answers brought to mind our World’s Greatest personalized ornament. Next!

World's Greatest Personalized Christmas Ornament

A Valentine’s Birthday:

Valentine’s Day will be my mother’s 80th birthday. Without a doubt, a mother’s love is like no other. I can attest to that fact being a mom to my now grown and out-of-the-nest only child. Moms know the hugs and heartaches, the ups and downs of everyday life. Some make special meals and bake cookies. Others love to play games and take long walks to the park. My dad turned 80 this year as well. A dad’s love can be seen in home repairs and bar-b-ques. Some dads love football and taking long walks to the park, too. I love my parents, my family, and my son. Love. Just what is it, really? (Maybe Our Loves to Bake or Bar-B-Que Guy ornaments would make great personalized keepsakes that celebrate love for Mom and Dad).

BBQ Grilling Guy Personalized Ornament          Loves to Cook Personalized Ornament


I Love Tacos and Personalized Ornaments that Celebrate Love:

Recently, I went to Taco Tuesday with a dear friend, and yes, I love her (and, I love tacos). Without hesitation, I asked our server and hostesses the same question. They answered. “God, being comfortable with someone, someone that makes me feel special.” I asked my dinner companion, and she responded, “Unconditional fire inside.” Another friend later commented “Being blind-sided. Boom! Didn’t see that coming.” I kept on asking. What is love?

Taco Couple Personalized Christmas Ornament


People commented about “Caring. Trust. Respect.” Someone asked “Family love? Spousal love? What do you mean by love?” I reached out to a beloved friend who just celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary “Selflessness.” That sounds pretty simple, yet quite complicated at the same time. Love. Hmm. (Maybe one of our anniversary or Mr. and Mrs. custom keepsakes would be memorable personalized ornaments that celebrate love for that special someone?).

Cheers Champagne Personalized Ornament


Other comments made me giggle: “ Whoa! That’s a loaded question.” and “Oh man! I thought you were asking about cheese.” Some were more serious: “Ugh! Laughter and joy with a lot of passion.” and “The feeling you get when someone accepts you warts and all.” (Fortunately, we don’t have a specific ornament for this one)

Love Through the Ages:

People have asked this question for centuries and sought the answer in each other, the stars, and their surroundings. Depending on their life story, some may be jaded and respond that love is “overrated”. Yet, others may say that it is as necessary as their own breath. 

Love. I see it in the eyes of small children. In a warm blanket knit by a dear friend. In a note left on the kitchen counter. Certainly, I feel it in a cup of hot tea by the fireplace and in the delivery of unexpected homemade meatballs. I share it with my words and sometimes, my silence. Of course, I experience love when a friend walks beside me listening without judgment as I struggle with an issue. And, I also experience love when that same friend tells me an answer I may not be quite ready to hear. (Be sure to check out our knitting personalized ornament and our best friends personalized ornaments).

Knitting Personalized Ornament    

BFF Personalized Ornaments

Yes, love. It seems to be obvious most often in the moment. In those times when I am fully present and ready to accept the gift of it. Sometimes it is in the day to day, but it is also in the unexpected moments and often given freely by people I have never seen or met before. Love seems to be this universal language that reminds me in surprising ways that I am ok, that I am safe, that I am protected, that comfort and joy are available to me, and that it flows freely when I keep looking for it. Finally, love: God. February. Valentine’s Day. Mom. Dad. Family. Friends. (popular chain restaurant). 

Couple Surprise Personalized Ornament

In Closing:

Dear reader, I ask you: What is love? 

(Please, log in and tell us what you think. Our staff would love to read your comments. And who knows? We might even decide to send you a personalized ornament that celebrates love for taking the time to share.)


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Mr. and Mrs. mugs personalized ornament  Racoon Couple Personalized Ornament

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