Memories to Hold: Unique Gift Ideas for a Girls’ Weekend

Girls Weekend Gifts by the Fireplace

Girls’ Weekend Gifts to Be Treasured:

Sometimes life calls for celebrating, and sometimes it calls for regrouping. Oftentimes, a weekend with just the girls is the best recipe. This concept is also the same for the guys. Although this may be true, that will be addressed in a later blog. Whether the girl combination is lifelong friends, another group of associated girlfriends, or moms/daughters/and sisters connecting, these are special times to hold dear. Especially when they don’t happen very often. Our girls’ weekend gifts are some ideas to capture the memorable time together. If a full weekend is not possible, many of these gift ideas are just as perfect to commemorate a special coffee date or dinner. So, let’s continue.

The Gift of Time:

To begin, I spent some time recently with a friend who is craving time with just her grown daughter who lives many states away. She will be visiting nearby in a few weeks and is looking forward to just the two of them enjoying coffee and conversation. In those moments, they will share hopes, dreams, and stories. When they step away, each will recall those chats in different ways and both will be grateful for the time they shared. There can be no value assigned to the importance of spending dedicated time “in the moment” with those we love. It can be refreshing and rejuvenating. Most importantly, it is good for our souls. Our coffee and donuts ornament  is an excellent choice to give as a treasured keepsake for those times. Your loved one is sure to smile each time their eyes catch a glimpse of your personalized ornament. Priceless!

Coffee and Donuts Customized Christmas Ornaments Girls Weekend Gifts

Taco Lover Personalized Christmas Ornament

Girls’ Weekend Gifts for Friend Groups:

Sometimes a group of book club or Bunco gals decides to extend the party on the road or hunker down at someone’s home for a couple of days. To start with, maybe they will share some wine or cocktails. Perhaps there will be a taco bar and lots of cookie trays. Without a doubt, our personalized ornaments are fun ways to capture the spirit of the event. In addition, many of our treasured keepsakes have room to add a name, date, and even a suitable message. Above all, they are one-of-a-kind, just like the gals.

There will always be recollections of past times spent. And, lots of laughter. New memories will be made as you lounge around in pajamas sipping coffee and catching up on life.  Maybe you will hold a mini tournament of your favorite card or board game with prizes for the winners. Also, don’t forget to bring copies of those classic unforgettable photos! Remember the big hair and giant hoop earrings? 

Wine Personalized Christmas OrnamentCocktail Party Girl Personalized Christmas Ornament Girls Weekend Gifts

Girls’ Weekend Gifts for the Hostess:

Additionally, personalized coasters from Red Kestrel on Amazon are beautiful and useful girls’ weekend gifts for the hostess. Surely, she will appreciate your thoughtfulness! These can be customized to include the name of your group, a date, and even a special message. Of course, custom orders can also be done so that each participant gets her own coaster. How wonderful! Present the coaster, along with other treats in girls’ weekend gift bags, to celebrate this time together. Everyone will love the idea! Who doesn’t like to be remembered with a thoughtful gift?

Red Kestrel Wood and Marble Custom CoastersRed Kestrel Girls Weekend Gifts Custom Coasters


More Girls’ Weekend Gift Ideas:

Moreover, are you lucky enough to have a mom, sister, daughter or cousin you enjoy spending time with? Our personalized family ornaments are girls’ trip gifts that offer some meaningful options to commemorate that time. Perhaps you will decide on a weekend away at the beach or in New York City to see a show. Our Adirondack chair and drama ornaments are fun styles to customize as girls’ weekend gifts. Imagine adding the name of that Broadway show and the year on a theater ornament for your baby sister. You know, the one who has shared so many moments and secrets with you throughout your life. Perhaps our flip flop ornaments are just perfect for the cousin who always borrows your shoes. Maybe our flip flop ornament is the right choice for the Mom whose shoes you can never fill. She will love your kindness!

These are special times. A personalized gift makes them all the more meaningful. Especially when it came from your heart.

New York Landmarks Personalized Christmas OrnamentDrama Star Actor Personalized Christmas OrnamentPersonalized Sandals and Beach Ornament

Girls’ Trip Gifts for the BFF’s:

Finally, there are girls’ weekend gifts for your Besties, your BFFs, your GoTos, your Sacred Friends, your Beans, your Queens, or your Peeps. However you refer to them, these are those one-of-a-kind friendships that make your world complete. These are the gals who are with you through thick and thin, through the celebrations, the rough spots, and the quiet.  Certainly, your weekend away with them may include enjoying a giant bowl of parmesan popcorn, long walks, and plowing through way too much sugar. Or, your getaway time with them may include some outlandish silliness, trendy foods and putting on your black leather dress and red stilettos for some dancing in Miami. Whatever the weekend holds in store, joy and friendship will be in the center of it. Savor the priceless moments and hold them close with gratitude. And remember girls, what happens in South Beach, stays in South Beach.

Dance Girl ornaments girls weekend giftsFriends Sisters Customized Christmas Ornament Girls weekend giftsBest Friends Ornament girls weekend gifts

Keepsakes to Treasure:

Finally, no doubt these will be times worth celebrating and impossible to forget. These are the times you anticipate for weeks and months and that pass too quickly once the weekend arrives. These are the friends who can finish your sentence, pick up your calls, have your back, and hug you like nobody else on the planet. Unquestionably, they are simply irreplaceable. Our girls’ weekend gifts include friendship ornaments, dancer, and music ornaments.   Furthermore, we have thousands of styles you can select to create your own meaningful keepsake. Go for it! The possibilities are endless!

Keyboard Personalized Christmas Ornament

In Conclusion:

In closing, our extensive inventory includes ornament options for all kinds of girls’ weekend trips, moments, events, foods, and activities. Put your thinking cap on or just ask us! Our attentive staff will help you come up with a clever idea to capture the joy of these memorable times. Clearly, we know the importance of dedicated time with those we love. To put it another way, we have been supporting our customers with treasured keepsakes for nearly two decades. See for yourself why many return, occasion after occasion, to experience our quality ornaments. Don’t forget our speedy delivery and exceptional customer service as mentioned in our thousands of 5 star reviews. Of course, our family-owned, small business is glad to welcome you as well. where we create memories that last a lifetime. Let us help you create some, too! You will be glad you did!


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