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New Home and Apartment Ornaments:

Moving. Some people dread it. What can I say? I actually enjoy it. I like preparing to move, physically moving the stuff, and then putting it all away. There is a sense of accomplishment the first night in a new place with a feeling that, “Wow! What a day! Look at how everything slowly, but surely found a spot.” I remember that sense of adulthood and satisfaction when we moved into our first apartment. All of a sudden, it felt very grown up to pick up the mail (bills and all), cook dinner, and create a home. When I process one of our personalized new home and apartment ornaments for a customer, I get a picture in my head of what this proud new mover looks like. It is an exciting time for them and a next step into another chapter of life.

New Apartment Personalized Christmas Ornament Gift

Neighbor Personalized Christmas ornament

First New Home Ornaments:

I remember my first home. Planting flowers, digging out of a flooded crawl space under the house in the midst of a frozen winter, hanging curtains, and yes, decorating a sparkling and well-lit, fresh Christmas tree. A personalized new home ornament would have been perfect front of center with #1807 prominently displayed. That home was small. Really compact. But after months and months of eating peanut butter sandwiches to afford purchasing it, my name was on the mortgage. It was the first home of a few, and there was definitely a feeling of success in owning it. Our personalized new home and apartment ornaments are wonderful gifts to give as a housewarming gift or present for a first Christmas at the new address. Additionally, we also have special ones for new neighbors, and I can vouch for the fact that they are well-loved and popular ornament styles.

From Our House To Yours Personalized Christmas Ornament New Home Personalized Christmas Ornament

Preparing to Move: Personalized New Home and Apartment Ornaments are Treasured

Another thing that I appreciate about moving is the purging. Years ago, I read a question somewhere about letting go of stuff. I wish I could remember where I read it, but it has become part of my living routine. Here it is: “Is any of this stuff loving you back”? After I became aware of the question, I regularly left items on the kitchen table with a note: Is any of this loving you back? If yes, keep it. If not, and it has some good value, donate it. Is it trash? Well then, throw it away!. It was a simple way for members of my family to look at a few items, address them, and move along. No pun intended.

Decades later, and including many, many moves, I have gotten pretty good about keeping what I value and releasing the rest. I find what always stays with me though are the keepsakes that help tell the story of my life. The personalized gifts that were thoughtful for the occasion I received them.  Personalized new home and apartment ornaments would certainly qualify in that category.

Red Door Personalized Christmas Ornament

New Home Ornaments

Home Away From Home:

Now then, Holiday Traditions / MyOrnament has exciting news! We are moving! With your support of our family-owned, small business for the last almost two decades, we have outgrown our current location. We are proud to say that we have a few thousand ornament styles, and trust me, moving them is no small undertaking. 2023 has been a year of immense growth and change as we continue the revamping of our website, preparing hundreds of new ornament styles for release on our website very soon, and moving into a brand new facility. We thank you again and again for your patience over the summer as we made these changes.

In just another week, we will be processing orders in our new location! So amazing! Our personalized new home and apartment ornaments are not necessarily intended for a business move, but we may engrave one anyway with our new business home address: 7235 21st St E Sarasota, FL 34243. Why not? We are thrilled at this new opportunity and appreciate all our customers have done to cheer us on for almost 20 years! Thank you.

Personalized New Home Ornament Brown DoorLake Cabin Ornament

New Home and Apartment Ornaments and Gift Ideas:

Photos. Heirlooms. Ornaments. Keepsakes. Memories. The important stuff. If you or someone in your life has recently moved or plans to move in the near future, why not consider personalized new home and apartment ornaments? In addition, they also make great gift tags attached to a potted plant or placed in a gift basket with a favorite beverage and loaf of bread. All ornaments can be personalized with a name and address number or full street address. Furthermore, these ornaments are sure to become a treasured keepsake for years to come reminding you or your loved one of the tremendous achievement of moving into a new place to call home. If you need help selecting the perfect style, just ask us. We are here for you through the milestones of life, and thank you for including us in your story.

Closing and Opening the Door:

Finally, dear reader, I ask you: Do you enjoy moving? How many times have you moved in your life? Do you have a favorite way of organizing your keepsakes? Please grab a cup of tea, log in at the top right of our website, and share your thoughts in the “Sitting and Sharing with Sunny Girl” section below:

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