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Fun with Tissues

Back to School Memories:

It happens every summer.  I come across old photos that remind me how quickly my parenting time has flown. One of those photos highlights the joy on the face of my little boy just before starting pre-K as he discovered an unsupervised tissue dispenser in a hotel room. Caught: red-handed. Now, surrounded by personalized teacher ornaments and customized kindergarten ornaments, my mind races back to the first day of kindergarten. My sweet son wore his tan bucket hat and proudly carried his bright green Simba backpack. He looked back briefly to see if I was going to join him. I knew then that life would be ever-changing. That moment draws tears each and every time it crosses my mind. Tears of joy, excitement for his life, and for the reminder how lucky I am to have been gifted with this most important role. Please read on. 

Kindergarten Girl Personalized Christmas OrnamentKindergarten Boy Personalized Christmas Ornament

Personalized Teacher Ornaments and Student Milestone Keepsakes:

This week there has been a noticeable increase in the number of personalized teacher ornaments and personalized kindergarten Christmas ornaments that have come our way. I think of the parents as they celebrate this moment for the child, and for the anticipation the children have of what is in store for them.

Of course, the personalized teacher Christmas ornaments also remind me of the tremendous role my son’s teachers have had in his life over the years. Though most were good, there are a few who jump out as top notch in my book. In addition, I view those teachers as extensions of our family. They were the ones who saw his potential in academics, in life, and as a human. They encouraged his well-rounded growth in a positive way. Certainly trust that I will be sure they see this Back to School blog with my thanks. Many Florida schools will be back in session in just two short weeks. No doubt children and educators will say it was a quick summer.

Preschool Personalized Christmas Ornament Back to School

Kindergarten Personalized Christmas Ornaments and Teacher ornaments

Personalized Ornaments for the Early School Years:

I think of my son’s school days and the wide variety of ornaments that I would have selected for him had they been available. Of course, a personalized preschool and kindergarten ornament would be in the selection. Perhaps, I would have also chosen the boy guitar player to celebrate his first appearance in the school talent show. He was in kindergarten and played a drawn out guitar rendition of “ The Star Spangled Banner” to a room full of teary eyes. He nailed the performance and had a beaming smile to prove it. Priceless!

Laptop Computer 3D Personalized Christmas Ornament

Guy with Guitar Personalized Christmas Ornament

Personalized Teacher and Activity Ornaments:

The soccer, baseball, and scout ornaments would have also been options for me to give to him. As he entered middle school, I might have picked out a personalized gaming or laptop ornament as technology started to play a part in his academics and social life. Some of his middle and high school teachers were also educators who went above and beyond in their jobs and influence. I think of three of his math/algebra teachers. Clearly they put forth the extra effort on his behalf once realizing his potential with numbers and abstract thought. Those teachers would certainly qualify for our personalized A+ teacher ornamentsThey also deserve our thanks.Personalized Teacher School Notebook Christmas Ornaments


Soccer Kick Boy Personalized Christmas Ornament

And Off They Go! Personalized Graduation Ornaments:

Finally, today’s orders included personalized graduation ornaments for Matthew who finished his time at UCLA . There was another for a student who earned a PHD in religious studies at an unknown college. I think of these presumably young adults as the rest of their lives wait on the horizon. For me, I can choose a personalized nursing ornament to celebrate my son’s path to a second degree in nursing. He hopes for a career in the emergency room. Just yesterday. Yes, just yesterday, he was pulling out all the supplies from the hotel room tissue dispenser. 

1934R Graduation 2023 Christmas Ornament - Graduation Ornament for High School College Grad Personalized Christmas Ornament Gift

In Conclusion:

There is so much anticipation, excitement and pride in these academic moments. Our personalized teacher ornaments, custom graduation ornaments, and the extensive array of activity ornaments we carry make certain there is an ornament available for everyone to celebrate these milestones. Soon, all too soon, there will be a new toothless grinning kindergartener named Quinn grabbing her backpack as she hops out of the car or off the school bus on the way to the beginning of what lies ahead. There will also be a nearly grown man walking proudly across the stage to eagerly accept his high school or college diploma. If these examples sound like someone in your life, know that we will be here for you in this moment with personalized ornaments that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Graduation Cap and Scroll Christmas Ornament

 School Bus Personalized Christmas Ornament and Teacher ornaments Back to School Gifts

We thank you for including us in your journey and in the journeys of those most dear to you. Best wishes for a safe, healthy, and prosperous school year.

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