Travel Ornaments: Keepsakes to Remember your Vacation and Travel Destinations

This article “Travel Ornaments: Keepsakes to Remember your Vacation and Travel Destinations” was updated on 05/09/23

Every year, most of us only get about 2-3 weeks to enjoy a vacation. Many people opt to spend those days off on a vacation to a travel destination. This might be local, someplace in the US, or abroad, but those days will surely be filled with many wonderful memories. You may want to commemorate those memories with an ornament or two to ensure they linger for a long time. Trust me, there is nothing more satisfying than finding your travel keepsakes on the tree every Christmas! Let’s see some great travel ornaments you might want to consider.

Here we will discuss how to make personalized Christmas ornaments and other ways of celebrating your travels this holiday season.


Fridge Magnet Souvenirs 

A personalized Christmas ornament magnet is a winning idea that will please anyone. Personalized beach, vacation, and travel ornaments transformed into a magnet are great gifts because you can place them anywhere that attracts metal: home, the office, school, etc.

You can pick from beach Christmas ornaments, traveler ornaments to popular destinations such as New York or Italy, or even low-key places like camping. With a little creativity, you can transform a personalized ornament into an awesome magnet that can be displayed at home or work.

All you have to do is simply remove the hanging ribbon and adhere magnetic tape from any local craft store to the back of the ornament, and there you have it, a keepsake that will be treasured for many years to come! Here are some recommended styles from Holiday Traditions:


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Vacation and Travel Christmas Ornaments

What better way to look back at all the fantastic places you have visited over the years than placing personalized Christmas ornaments on the tree every year to showcase those travel and vacation destinations? It’s always a great idea to have personalized Christmas ornaments for your tree that symbolize where you’ve been and the memories associated with those places.

This is why it is important to buy Christmas ornaments every year so they can continue accumulating. Even if you are not going on vacation this year, you can add to your collection from previous trips.

Getting customizable ones will make the effort worth it, and you would not need to rack your brain so hard to identify where you get each ornament or place you have been.


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Cruise Travel Ornaments

Going on a cruise ship is an extremely popular way to vacation. You can cruise to many wonderful locations, such as Alaska, European destinations, the Bahamas, and more. Choosing a cruise ship ornament can be a great way to commemorate your vacation or travel destinations.

They can be personalized with the date of your voyage and names so that you have an ornament year after year. You may even opt for a beach-themed ornament, nautical-themed ornament, or an animal ornament, such as a dolphin. Our collections of ornaments include all of these. There is really no need to look any further.

Couple on a Cruise Personalized Christmas Ornament

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Beach Ornaments

For many people, there’s nothing better than digging your toes into the warm sand and spending sunny days at the beach. Beach destinations are also popular venues where couples choose to hold their weddings. It’s no wonder beach-inspired Christmas ornaments are one of the most popular Christmas crafts and gifts this time of every year.

There are various options to choose from, such as flip-flops, starfish, starfish shells, surfboards, seashells, beach-themed, turtles, beach wedding themes, and many more. Personalize your beach ornament with names, destinations, and a year to make it easier to reference them.

Personalized Surfboard Couple Christmas Ornament.

Australia Beach at Christmas Holiday Traditions

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Camping and Outdoors Ornaments

Another great way to relax on your vacation is the great outdoors. There are some wonderful Christmas ornaments to remember your favorite outdoor activities, from hikes, camping trips, and fishing expeditions. It is even more interesting when you go with your family or in groups to your destination, thus, you may also want to consider this.

You can choose from designs such as a fisherman, camping site, or lake house. We also have a  fishing boat, fishing tackle, fishing sign and more.

Adirondack Chair Personalized Christmas Ornament

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Fishing Trip Ornaments

Yes, fishing is tricky, but who wouldn’t want to be reminded of their first big catch? If you or someone you know is into fishing and wants to remember this trip other than seeing photos, then getting a fishing ornament is the best way to go. You can choose from designs like fishing boats, fishermen, and even a fishing sign with measure!

Yes, there is still designated space to customize your ornament as you wish, regardless of which design you select.

Fishing Boat Bass Personalized Christmas Ornament

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Travel Ornaments

Aside from traveling to new or not-so-new locations, the excitement also comes from packing, planning your trip, and riding in a plane. A travel Christmas ornament such as a suitcase or airplane is a keepsake that can be used to remember your vacations with family and friends every year.

You can choose to select a design that is close to that of your suitcase or even the airplane you are flying on to your destination. Remember to include a name and date on each ornament you acquire during the trip to remember the special time you had there.






Travel Christmas ornament

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Famous Cities Travel Ornaments

You’ve been planning to travel to a famous city destination for your next vacation. You’ve been discussing that famous city’s sights, sounds, and smells. A personalized Christmas ornament is one of the best ways to celebrate that unforgettable trip.

If you are traveling to New York City, you may want to choose a city skyline, The Big Apple, or a yellow taxi cab. If you are traveling to London, you may want a design that displays the famous red telephone booth, Big Ben, or a double-decker bus. Are you traveling to Paris? If so, there is the Eiffel Tower or Paris City skyline.

If you enjoy something tropical like Florida or Hawaii, you can choose a beach theme, a palm tree, flip flops, sea shells, sea stars, or even a flamingo.

Going to San Francisco? How about the Golden Gate Bridge or the city skyline? Enjoying  the thrills of Las Vegas? Choose a design that beholds the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign or one with cards and dice. There are simply a lot of ornaments to choose from as there are a lot of places for you to visit. Each place tells its own story, which can only be told with the right ornament.

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Honeymoon Travel Ornaments

Having your honeymoon outside the US should not stop you from keeping a treasure for remembrance. You can visit various places with your lover to celebrate your first time out. Fair enough, we also have many styles to cover your travel choices. For example, we have options such as from Australia to Europe and back to the Americas.

Nonetheless, you can still personalize the ornament by adding a name, city, year, and so on. Moments like this are magical since it is the first time you would get to spend a lot of time with your spouse.

Mr and Mrs Wedding Bells Personalized Christmas Ornament

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Parasailing & Surfing Ornaments

We have you covered if you decide to parasail alone or with your spouse. Our parasailing ornaments provide options for both couples and lone parasailers. Similarly, our surfing ornaments also let you keep a memory of the time you spend surfing the big waves around the globe.

Not sure what parasailing and surfing the big wave are, just take them as some technical term for risk takers. If you are one, or would like to become one, you might want to know more by researching parasailing.

You can simply check here to understand the differences between the two and start your journey to becoming one. The ornaments’ pictures also offer some visual assistance.

Adirondack Nautical Chairs Personalized Ornament

Maybe you went on vacation to the countryside, where you spent all evening watching the sunset from the balcony of a house in the middle of nowhere. You definitely will need a souvenir, and the best one should be the Adirondack chair on the balcony.

Fortunately, we have stylish Adirondack chair ornaments for just you, two, and even three travelers. Who knows? The beach might also be your favorite spot during the vacation. Then this ornament might just be the perfect way to remember it.

You can further customize the chairs with names, locations, and times of vacation. Get it here



One last note. If your plans include air travel with a little human, be sure to check out The Little Stork Car Seat Wheeled Padded Backpack Bag to make transporting their car seat and all the extra goodies a whole lot easier. The heavy duty wheels make it super convenient to navigate through airport terminals. So convenient!

The Little Stork Travel Bag

If you’ve been on a memorable vacation this year or in years past, don’t forget to order your personalized Christmas ornament! It will be the perfect reminder of all those great memories for years and years.

We have many different designs to choose from that are sure to make you smile every time you look at them. You can even get one for family members and friends if they joined in on the fun! They would also love getting their own customized ornament so they can remember this trip forever.

Get yours today before it’s too late!

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